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Yummy Recipes For Kids – Easter Chocolate Surprise

Recipe :


25g of Almond Slices
25g of Chopped Walnuts
25g of Raisins
375g Melting chocolate (Milk or dark or white chocolate)
Chocolate molds of different shapes and sizes (like Bunny , Egg, Dog, Picnic Basket and Duck shaped)


1. Chop the chocolate into small pieces
2. Add the chocolate into a heatproof bowl
3. Place it over a saucepan of simmering water. Make sure no water goes into the bowl.
4. Heat, stirring with a metal spoon, until melted
5. Separate the melted chocolate into four equal portions
6. In the first portion add some sliced almonds
7. In the second portion add some chopped walnuts
8. In the third portion add some raisins
9. In the fourth portion keep it plain and simple or add any other dry nuts that you like
10. Add a spoonful of the melted chocolates into the molds
11. Let is stay at room temperature for 10 minutes
12. Now refrigerate for 15 minutes or until solid
13. Remove from molds onto a clean plate

Enjoy this recipe on Easter or any other festive day!
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  1. number 1,pigs feet in chocolate is very nice also

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