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White cake with strawberries recipe and decoration

Learn how to make this simple home made yet elegant white cake with fresh whip cream and strawberries. The cake has no butter, no oil, yet it is moist and delicious. Now you can learn to make this professional cake right out of your kitchen.


In this video, Nadia shows how to make the cake and decorate (design) the cake with fresh whip cream and strawberries.

Learn to bake like a Pro!

For best results, use a food scale and measure the below ingredients in either ounces or grams.

5 large eggs
5oz (140.5g) or 5/8 cup sugar
5oz (141.75g) or 1.12 cup cake flour
0.4oz (2.4 tsp) baking powder
Sugar water: 125ml (1/2 cup) water, 5 oz (140.5g or 5/8 cup) sugar, boil, allow to cool.
Whole and sliced strawberries.

1/2 sheet tray, 8 inch (20cm) round cake pan, doily, parchment paper, 9 inch and 10 inch round cardboard, spatulas, pastry brush, serated knife, and jug of hot water.
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  1. I did it with cream and icing sugar.. It didn't work..
    What do I do?? Help plss

  2. What do you need to make icing?
    Every time j try make it, it doesn't work.

  3. Thank you very much Nadia for your lovely recipe, i made this cake today and it turned out brilliant thanx again. Can you also tell me where I can purchase the half sheet cake tray.

  4. It looks just as delicious as you are beautiful

  5. i appreciate the video, but you did so many unnecessary steps and actions. and it is whipped cream not whipping cream, hint you already made it(past tense)


  7. The cake looks so nice!!

  8. Azullful Morabit

    New to to ur channel, amazing! Are you Moroccan?

  9. i just finished baking this.. it came out great.. cant wait to cut it tommo .., thanks nadia… looaaaddds of love to u

  10. Neo Walzee Quidet

    WOW very good

  11. You need to be a little more excited, charismatic.

  12. Merci Nadia thank you

  13. Can i use all purpose flour instead of cake flour?

  14. Shahina Shafeek

    How to make cream…

    Pls post d vdeo …..plzzzzz

  15. Your cake recipes are the best . I wish you could share the recepie for mango cupcakes with mango flavour frosting, witout using mangoes.Plz Plz plz . Thanks. 

  16. yummy

  17. I like the way you explain step by step in a clear manner. The finished cake looks a dream!

  18. If I used yogurt instead of the eggs would it work?

  19. Who do you make the whipping cream 

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