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Watermelon Slushies Recipe: Frozen Summer Drink Idea

Watermelon lime slushies recipe is an easy and refreshing frozen drink for summer!

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  1. presleyspantry

    great idea! Its been so hot here in Los Angeles, Im making these today!

  2. or add some vodka with that ”hahah” 

  3. That will turn my temperature down!

  4. oh wow!!! i need to try this :)

  5. Laura De Bruin

    Isn’t that just a watermelon smoothie?

  6. What happens to the seeds do you take them away from the fruit before
    blending or what pleaseeeee tell me cuz I really really wanna try this

  7. Sophie McCracken

    Can you use something other than lime juice?

  8. Daisy Ascencio

    is it for kids

  9. Can you just put half of ice in a blender and half fruits? And will it make
    a slushi

  10. I have been wanting watermelon for the longest time. this looks so good.

  11. I made this my kids loved it

  12. I love the idea, but it looks better than it tastes. It doesn’t really have
    a taste…

  13. awesome vid

  14. Voutilainen Nella

    Can I fo this with strawberries? I don’t have watermelon…

  15. that looks

  16. Very good

  17. About how long do you freeze the watermelon? Wil it spoil if frozen too

  18. Shareka Marie Echols

    This is awesome. I’m changing my diet and I am so sick of water and I can’t
    have any sodas or juices. #awesome

  19. It really work when you said that when you pick a watermelon a yellow spot

  20. Debbie Frimpong

    This is the first smoothie that I’ve liked all others ones I’ve made didn’t
    taste goo I’m a pike drinker

  21. If i made a slushie version i would blend up the lime and watermelon BUT
    BUT BUT BUT BUT put it in a container freeze it and then just scratch it

  22. watermelon is my all Time favorite and I never miss it during Summer ..
    so refreshing!!!

  23. Gymnastics4life

    This is such a good recipe so good !!!!

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