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Vegetarian sandwich recipe/healthy evening snacks/indian breakfast recipes/kids lunch box snack idea

Healthy Veg sandwich recipes,quick and easy Indian bread vegetarian breakfast/lunch/dinner/brunch tea time snacks of evening vegetable sandwich bread recipe for kids.This potato,paneer and bread vegetarian sandwich is toasted on tawa/pan/griddle. This Indian style quick and easy veg snacks recipe is one of the famous/popular tea time evening snacks which can be made at home. It’s best evening refreshments dish and easy kids snacks too. This healthy veggie sandwich is great for breakfast or brunch. This is an Indian style quick and easy tiffin box recipe, kids love to carry for school lunch. Children also enjoy this favorite breakfast. This is one of the best kids food dish idea to keep them happy and smiling. This is also very famous kids recipe and can be given in their tiffin box too. Serve hot with your favorite sauce/ketchup. You can also carry this veg sandwich for your picnic. This Indian veg sandwich recipe is a healthier substitute tea time snack or could also be served as evening snack.
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Wheat bread, cottage cheese (paneer), cilantro/coriander leaves, green peas, potato, bell pepper, black pepper powder, onion, salt to taste, mozzarella cheese (optional), green chilli, ginger, garlic, lemon juice, chaat masala
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  1. Let's Be Foodie

    @Taylor you can try tofu in place of cottage cheese.

    Let’s Be Foodie
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  2. Santosh Vanshika

    Hey… It is Ann osmm recipe … Luv it

  3. Let's Be Foodie

    Veg toast sandwich: Step 1) Take 40-50 grams of fresh cilantro leaves
    (coriander leaves/dhaniya), 1 clove of garlic, 1 small green chili chopped,
    1/2 inch chopped ginger. Now grind everything in a grinder and make paste.
    Add ¼ tsp lemon juice and pinch of salt. Mix well and keep paste aside.
    Step 2)In a big bowl, add 1 small finely chopped onion, ¼ chopped bell
    pepper (capsicum), ½ cup boiled and mashed green peas, 2 medium boiled and
    roughly mashed potatoes, 1 cup (130g) finely grated cottage cheese
    (paneer), add ¼ cup mozzarella cheese (optional) if you want you can skip
    adding cheese, add 1 tsp chaat masala, 1/8 tsp black pepper powder, salt
    to taste but not much because cheese also contains salt, 2 ½ tbsp prepared
    paste (cilantro, garlic, ginger, chili paste). Mix everything thoroughly.
    Stuffing is ready.
    Step 3) Take any bread slice of your choice, add 3 tbsp stuffing and spread
    evenly on the bread, now cover stuffed bread slice with another slice of
    Step 4) Heat tawa/pan on medium heat, you can also toast sandwich in
    sandwich maker. Once tawa/pan is hot, place sandwich in the centre without
    adding any butter. Gently press sandwich with spatula and leave it on
    pan/tawa for 2 mins, flip after two mins and toast sandwich for another two
    mins. Sandwich is ready and crispy from both the sides. Cut it into 2
    pieces diagonally (making a triangle). Serve immediately crispy sandwich
    with your favorite sauce/ketchup

  4. Let's Be Foodie

    Veg toast sandwich. Start your day on healthy notes!

  5. Taylorose02 XOXO

    Do you know what I can replace the cottage cheese with to make this recipe

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