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Vegetarian Pizza Sandwich Recipe for Kids

http://nishamadhulika.com/676-pizza-sandwich-recipe.html Click here for Vegetarian Pizza Sandwich Recipe in Hindi
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  1. Take a look at this video on YouTube:lol

  2. Nitish Bhardwaj

    awesome mai mom ko bna k khilaunga

  3. ma'am i want u r toll free no. i was some query

  4. syedwakif@gmail.com   hi nisha g ap ki recipe so nice im inspire  spicial vegetarian  pizza sandwich  

  5. Nisha Madhulika

    Then we can make a normal sandwich or veg sandwich. I think mozzarella cheese is essential ingredient to make Pizza sandwich.

  6. mam what if we don't have mozzarella cheese

  7. i m a big fan of ur….thanku so much ma'am….

  8. Thank you for the reply Nisha ji :)

  9. Yes, it is. I have used Amul Mozzarella chese and it is made with Microbial enzyme i.e. ""vegetable rennet"

  10. Nisha ji,
    The cheese tht you've used is it suitable for vegetarians? If yes, then which brand is it?

  11. May be. This is my one of the earlier videos and then I had to make videos either in the very early morning or late nights.

  12. Nice recipie 😉 luvely

  13. You are f eeling very sleepy

  14. Бесей Нургалиев

    Thank you very much, really liked your video

  15. Danyavadh!

  16. wow yarrrrrrrrrr u r superbbb

  17. upendra trivedi

    it's good for kid's health …

  18. madam plz try to make sumthing gud

  19. kulcha means?

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