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1 capsicum
1/4 cup olives
4 lettuce leaves
2 Brocoli florets
2 Cauliflower florets
1 stick Celery
4 Carrots
1 cup Mushrooms
1 cup natural yoghurt


~ Nicko
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  1. cheng seng tan

    Frances is my name´╗┐

  2. Frances English


  3. Clelia O'Leary


  4. Ashley Rainville

    im lucky because my kids would devour this in no time,they love their veggies!!!

  5. Ashley Rainville

    this would be a great idea for a veggie platter,kids would like it more!!!!!

  6. Nicko's Kitchen

    i would agree with you :)

  7. Nicko's Kitchen

    thats the idea :)

  8. Nicko's Kitchen

    haha lol

  9. Nicko's Kitchen

    you can change it anyway you like to suit your kids likes and dislikes

  10. Nicko's Kitchen

    thats great subsitute :)

  11. Nicko's Kitchen

    thankyou :)

  12. Nicko's Kitchen

    thanks :)

  13. Nicko's Kitchen

    the yogurt is there as more of a dip

  14. Nicko's Kitchen

    thanks its all about making it fun for the kids :)

  15. Nicko's Kitchen

    its not about that its about being creative and getting the kids involved

  16. The ones who don't like this video, I would say – don't have kids.

  17. Shannon Crozier-Rankin

    Amazing idea. Getting the kids to have fun with veggies so they arn't scared to eat them. Wonderful :)

  18. first

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