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1 capsicum
1/4 cup olives
4 lettuce leaves
2 Brocoli florets
2 Cauliflower florets
1 stick Celery
4 Carrots
1 cup Mushrooms
1 cup natural yoghurt


~ Nicko
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  1. cheng seng tan

    Frances is my name

  2. Frances English


  3. Clelia O'Leary


  4. Ashley Rainville

    im lucky because my kids would devour this in no time,they love their veggies!!!

  5. Ashley Rainville

    this would be a great idea for a veggie platter,kids would like it more!!!!!

  6. Nicko's Kitchen

    i would agree with you :)

  7. Nicko's Kitchen

    thats the idea :)

  8. Nicko's Kitchen

    haha lol

  9. Nicko's Kitchen

    you can change it anyway you like to suit your kids likes and dislikes

  10. Nicko's Kitchen

    thats great subsitute :)

  11. Nicko's Kitchen

    thankyou :)

  12. Nicko's Kitchen

    thanks :)

  13. Nicko's Kitchen

    the yogurt is there as more of a dip

  14. Nicko's Kitchen

    thanks its all about making it fun for the kids :)

  15. Nicko's Kitchen

    its not about that its about being creative and getting the kids involved

  16. The ones who don't like this video, I would say – don't have kids.

  17. Shannon Crozier-Rankin

    Amazing idea. Getting the kids to have fun with veggies so they arn't scared to eat them. Wonderful :)

  18. first

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