Home » Vegetable » Veg aloo puffs pastry recipe/Indian vegetarian snacks ideas/pastries sheets recipes-let’s be foodie

Veg aloo puffs pastry recipe/Indian vegetarian snacks ideas/pastries sheets recipes-let’s be foodie

Veg aloo puffs pastry recipe/Indian vegetarian snacks ideas/pastries sheets recipes-let's be foodie

Indian evening vegetarian tea time snacks:veg Puff pastry sheets from scratch recipe ideas, aloo pattie, vegetable puff pastries or veg puff pastry is Indian vegetarian tea time evening snacks/meals recipes and kids favorite recipe made with all purpose flour, butter etc and filled with flavorful vegetables. In this video learn how to make easy puff pastry recipe from scratch.These veggie puffs/veg puffs are delicious, crisp crust, flaky and soft from inside which makes a hearty hot pocket. This is tiffin box recipe too, kids favorite.
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  1. Yummy ,I have to make them for my family soon thanks,

  2. This could easily be vegan if you use vegan butter and if you remove the
    cheese (or use vegan cheese). Thanks for sharing!

  3. Arpan Shandilya

    You taught it so easily in simple english .keep it up 

  4. So awesome!! Can u post few quinoa Indian recipes? Thanks 

  5. Buy frozen puff pastry sheets it saves time. 

  6. Hi tried this recipe today. It was tasting good but it was not flaky. I
    folded as many as 6 times. Used the same measurement as mentioned. But wen
    i cut into pieces it was slightly sticky not coming out as clearly as
    yours. Wat could have gone wrong? Please suggest. Baked at 250C.

  7. I think this is the best pastry for making puff. I am excieted to do diz
    pastry but with chicken stuffing. Thanks to letz be foodie channel

  8. Sheetal Chauhan

    Yummy, i will definitely going to try it.

  9. I like the way you have explained step by step the procedure of making Puff
    pastry. well done and I have posted on my Facebook page.

  10. Wow looking delicious♥♡

  11. Seema Thegreat

    Firtzz frisked FDIC Gagarin

  12. Hi, tried this yummy recipe, it turned out good, like it puffed up well,
    layers n flakes were perfect, but one thing i noticed, that while baking it
    left melted butter oozing out n even after baking i had excessive butter on
    the tray, y was it like that ? van i Go low On Butter? 

  13. vijaya sandeep k


  14. balaji dongerkery


  15. That was amazing

  16. Hello… I am today going to make this entire thing again and am prepared
    to follow the recipe to the T, with half the quantity of all the
    ingredients mentioned… lets see how this turns out…. could you please
    tell me how thick should be my puff pastry sheet before I seal it with
    filling… just asking to be sure that I do it right.. :)

  17. Rashmita Tripathy

    Hi, I tried the recipe. It was awesome. Thank you so much. Can you please
    tell me which frying pan you used while doing this recipe?

  18. Hi… I have tried this… once i rolled the dough 6 times… but there
    were no flakes… the cover was crispy but not flaky… almost like a baked
    samosa… could you suggest where I am going wrong.. 

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