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Vanilla Ice Cream | Easy 3 step recipe

This classic ice cream is everyone’s favorite. Just follow our easy 3 step recipe and make this at home with just 4 simple ingredients. And believe us when we say that nothing ever beats the taste of home-made ice-cream!

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  1. Angie Wheatley

    I always put my whipping double cream and condensed milk in a bowl and chill it for 20 minutes with the beaters before I start beating. It helps to get it thicken and creamy so much better.

  2. Vegetables

  3. Geetha Gullapally

    Can we use whipping cream ?

  4. AluniVEVO Songs

    We can also use whipping cream?

  5. well done reciepie

  6. if we use whipping cream any problem will be der ??

  7. can I use amul lo fat cream? bcoz we get that only. 

  8. can I use amul lo fat cream? bcoz we get that only. 

  9. its fresh cream or whipping cream

  10. very nice and very easy

  11. Can i use strilized cream instead of whipping cream ?

  12. Very Very Very Very Very Wonderful Like Very much

  13. shabana faizal

    milkmaid is condensed milk…its the product name given by nestle.

  14. Hi
    Milkmaid icecream !!
    Yesterday I went through the recipe, tried as soon as after watching.
    Was very fantastic, that recipe was not wrong came super.

  15. Jo Gaz (Cozminos)

    Milkmaid??? what is this? condensed milk?

  16. I think the Nestlé Milkmaid same with condensed milk?!

  17. Zuleika Mendoza

    What type of cream normal or whipping cream plz tell me

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