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Tuna Pasta Bake Recipe

A quick and tasty meal that is so SIMPLE that even your children can do this… which means you might even come home one night to a ready-cooked meal! Recipe at: http://titlisbusykitchen.com/archives/tuna-pasta-bake FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/titlisbusykitchen
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Titli_Nihaan
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  1. Just like the way you cooked ! So easy and looks so delicious!!

  2. Liked this just for the cat coz it looks like my cat 

  3. Looks lovely .. and very entertaining even got a laugh to thank you

  4. what do you  do if you dont want to use the mushroom soup !!? help please :) +Titlis Busy Kitchen

  5. Kimberly Kimble

    Kitty is so cute! :-D

  6. Great video. I'll be making that today :) Thanks.

  7. Simple ingredients BUT  huge recipe ! Thanks Chef

  8. English Patriot

    Fucking paki

  9. Annemiek De Haan

    Hey Titli, im sold. Ive tried 3 of ur recipes in 2 days now and they were all amazing!! Please keep up the good work!!

  10. gods ime hungry. you are pretty and cool.

  11. Lol you are so funny "no tuna for you cat till you learn to cook" lol too cute(: Subscribe

  12. You seriously sound like Mrs Doubtfire 

  13. I have tried this so many times. And it keeps on getting better, and better.

  14. i don't know why but i found it so funny when you yelled at your cat and said, "no tuna for you cat, until you learn to cook!"

  15. MoreChannelNoise

    I do a similar recipe – I find grated nutmeg goes great with the taste of the cheese.


  17. Titlis Busy Kitchen

    1. Dogs are not haram. It's just that some people (including some muslims) believe they are
    2. I have no idea.

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