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Tuna lemon pasta recipe

Tuna lemon pasta recipe

Sometimes you really do not have a lot of time for cooking but you still want to prepare something special. This recipe can help: it’s incredibly easy and incredibly tasty, and super fast to prepare.
The main ingredient (with the exception of pasta) is tuna. I do not use canned tuna very often, but when I use it I want a good quality one. I want the tuna to be in extravirgin olive oil (it is more tasty and tender) and the color of the tuna should be vibrant pink/yellow, not a pale white. The lemon zest gives a fresh touch to the recipe.
I also added two ingredients: capers and anchovies. Although they give an extra twist to the recipe and I really recommend them, I would suggest to use them only for older kids or adults as their strong taste might not please young palates.
ciao, b

If you would like to check the ingredients’list, please have a look at

See you next Thursday with another recipe!!!
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  1. Just made it and it was wonderful, thank you.

  2. Wonder without the capers and anchovies what it would takes like.  

  3. great channel, thanks for the recipe!

  4. Great recipe John, thanks!

  5. Last week, my father wanted a quick dinner. We make pesto, and we always have it in the freezer, so he just pulled some out, but I suggested this instead. We used my godmother's olive oil from her trees in Greece, whole anchovies packed in salt (chopped of course), and we had cavatappi so the pieces of fish and capers nestled nicely in the spirals. Fantastic.

  6. THANKS!! b

  7. Grazie a te Rossana, sei un tesoro! b

  8. Rossana Incorati

    Grazie Barbara per tutte le ricette che ci hai mostrato. Sono tutte deliziose!!
    Thank you Barbara for all the recipes. They are just so delicious !!!

  9. I have never tried Pasta, i am going to make this today :). BTW you are looking good too

  10. thanks!!

  11. Hi! I tried adding the juice but it was too strong. the lemon was covering the other flavors. That's why I ended up adding only the lemon zest, it gives a nice fresh lemony taste, keeping the balance with the other ingredients! ciao, b

  12. I thought you would add lemon juice into the dish, since its lemon tuna pasta…

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