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Toddler Meal Idea: Chicken Pot Pie Cupcakes

This is a fun idea for a toddler friendly version of chicken pot pies. These are super easy and quick to make and so very tasty. Thanks to Pinterest for this idea!

1 cup cooked and diced chicken breast (I used a rotisserie chicken breast)
1 cup frozen vegetables (I used peas, corn, carrots and green beans)
1 can cream of chicken soup
3/4 cup shredded cheddar cheese
Refrigerated biscuit dough (I used 2 cans of Pillsbury Grands dough)
Seasoning (salt, pepper, garlic salt to taste)

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F
Press the dough into the side and bottom of greased muffin tins
Mix all of the remaining ingredients in a bowl and spoon into the muffin tins
Bake at 400F for 15-20 min until brown
Makes 10 “cupcakes”

All of his meals are also served with organic whole milk to drink.

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  1. That’s going to have a LOTTTTTT of sodium in it even though it will be
    delicious I’m sure.

  2. doreen Edwards

    Can u use flakes biscuit s

  3. Diann Graziani

    great idea for Toddlers or their parents lol Love this idea

  4. I’m making these tomorrow for my kids lunches. Thanks

  5. might try to make it tonight ty

  6. Stop feeding your kid crap GMO, salt, and pesticide ewww

  7. Jennavecia Sala

    bad azz-

  8. yummy

  9. Natalie Cortinas

    this was a great idea for my kids thank you !!!

  10. Thanks for watching. Hope you enjoy them!

  11. Great idea, I have 5 young very picky children in the house so I’m looking
    new things for them to try, they seem to only want Mac & cheese or hot dogs
    at all times.

  12. Ha ha! My son had the same reaction!! I loved them but he wasn’t in love. I
    won’t give up on them yet though. They say sometimes a toddler needs to try
    something a few times before they will like it. These are too good to give

  13. i call them “chicken pot puffs”

  14. thanks for the idea ive been looking for something simple and i just found

  15. Let me know if they like them! My son also wants mac and cheese all the

  16. thompson lorrie

    Think I will try this, looks yummy!!

  17. Thanks for watching! Hope your son enjoys them (some day!) = )

  18. Hope you liked them! Last time I made them I ate five of them lol

  19. Every time I see this video, it reminds me to make them soon!!

  20. Thanks so much! I am on pinterest as: theatxmom. Check out my boards. I
    have a lot of craft and activity ideas pinned as well as food!

  21. SO glad you liked them! The dinner rolls are a great idea. Did they come
    out the way you hoped? It’s making my mouth water thinking about them. I
    may have to break out the muffin tin tomorrow.

  22. Do they freeze well?

  23. princess001stephyy

    OH MY GOSH i dont know why i’ve never came across your videos before you
    are AWESOME thank you thank you thaaaank you for all the toddler meal
    ideas!! ♥ i have a little one myself and your video’s are SOOO helpful♥

  24. So glad they came out great! I will have to try that.

  25. princess001stephyy

    i loved them, but he didnt even try them :-

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