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The Frugal Gourmet -P1- Classic Beef Dishes – Jeff Smith HD Cooking

The Frugal Gourmet, aired by WTTW Chicago, was one of many cooking shows that I watched in the mid 80’s. I recall thinking that Jeff Smith was pretty hilarious when I was a kid. Check out this classic clip.
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  1. James Scarcelli

    This guy taught me how to cook, always watched him when he was on, got all his books, had a killer recipe for Buffalo Wings and the Blue Cheese sauce was out of this world, always made extra even put it on sandwiches instead of mayo, that was just the finger food, the recipes were tremendous, he was the pioneer of all these cooking shows, spent a lot of time with his cookbooks open

  2. Jeff, Jeff, where are you man!! You left us MUCH to soon. I learned so much from your series.  RM

  3. I loved the particular garlic press he mentions and gave many as gifts until I found the Oxo which surpasses it because it has an attached cleaner which is half the battle. Jeff started me on a lifetime love affair of kitchen, food and wine long before foodtv. Kudos to PBS who still has chefs that actually cook sans the reality drama.

  4. 3:33  Consume much too much pepper!  It's gonna kill us off very soon! lol

  5. Jose Francisco Medeiros

    I love watching the Frugal Gourmet. I didn't even know that Jeff Smith died. Thank you for posting his video's, I'd like to see them on Hulu or Crackle.

  6. plus folks this is from the 80's SO HE KNEW WHAT HE WAS talking about

  7. muchomusiclibre i can tell you that. he wanted us to teach our kids to cook with us. and he helped pave the way for alton brown

  8. You know, in 25 years I have yet to find a garlic press that works as well as his do. Even in the restaurant supply stores. It all gets jammed up in the holes. Just look at the way that garlic spits out into the pot. *sadface.

  9. well, heart disease was the official cause of his death at 65…another in a series of ironies…

  10. Hey I remember this show during the 80's. and look at me now searching for his old episodes for receipts to wow my date.

  11. Beef isn't bad for you…it's the CAFO-raised beef that's bad. GRASS FED is actually very good for you.

  12. Yes, and thankfully, we know better now. :)

  13. I really wish I chose the career of a chef. So much fun and joy it brings

  14. What do you think about animal fat?

  15. every thing he siad about fats is wrong

  16. muchomusiclibre

    He actually released a cookbook with two boy scouts on the cover,lol. What do boy scouts have to do with cooking Frug?

  17. the parsley didn't help

  18. Man I loved the Frug. Started watching him on PBS when I was around 14 and he was crucial to my love for cooking and history and being part of a family. I hope the scandal was not true. I wishhe was still around today. I still believe in the Frug. RIP, I bid you peace.

  19. Angela Duckworth

    I miss him so much:(

  20. "Isn't this a riot?" LOL! Miss the Frugal Gourmet!

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