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The Best BBQ Sauce | Jamie & Buddy Oliver

Sticky, sweet, full of flavour and spice this amazing barbecue sauce recipe will rock your world! Jamie got some help making it today when little Buddy Oliver popped into the Food Tube kitchen. What a pro!

It goes great on chicken and pork but is a great addition to any grill. PLUS you can make it once and keep it in the fridge for ages. Bonus.

What’s your secret ingredient for the perfect BBQ sauce guys? Please share your secrets in the comments box and tell us what you like to serve it with.

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Find the recipe here: http://goo.gl/69tzA1

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. How brilliant is Buddy!! Can we get 5000 likes on this video!! Then we’ll
    get him cooking some more! X

  2. That looks super duper triply ding dong dang tasty, Sir Broslice.

  3. How cute is Buddy?? X

  4. can you do this with chicken breast as well? I don’t really like thigh.

  5. That kid is hilarious… 

  6. Michael Schütz

    oh god, I love this english accent

  7. Your son is adorable and a half!

  8. Mary-Jo Zilveti

    Wow! This sauce looks amazing! 

  9. Judging from the hair and his deft hands, the kid will either be Jamie II
    or a rock star.

  10. JAMIE OLIVER’S SON IS SO DAMN CUTE OMG xD and the sauce looks good too

  11. Nika Gamkrelidze

    cutest boy ever <3 <3 best sauce ever <3 <3 fan of your and your kid 😀 <3 

  12. Currently weaning my baby and would love to know if you have any tips on
    making your children not fussy? It’s my worst nightmare!

  13. your son is adorable!

  14. Onesimo Guerrero

    The Best BBQ Sauce | Jamie & Buddy Oliver: http://youtu.be/HtlMZ0ZBrAo


  16. Oh Jamie, your son’s just the cutest thing :)

  17. Chicken Fancy Pants

    At.. What are you My Agent? I lost it

  18. Tanya Fatehovna

    Поразительно вкусно)))

  19. Love that little angel in your kitchen!
    He’s so adorable!

  20. Gosh this is just my favourite YouTube channel! I love you and all of your
    family and guests. I learn a lot from your channel! I’m 14 and love cooking
    :) thanks for the awesome videos! You’re all great chefs and wonderful
    people! Cheers 

  21. Oh thanks for the laugh Buddy. You’re a great dad Jamie. Xo 

  22. +Jamie Oliver Im no expert but isnt 60 mins in the oven too much? 

  23. Alessandra Isabel Larios Obregon

    Omg this looks so good !!! I’ll do it tomorrow!!!
    Greetings from Perú :)

  24. Buddy stole the show! what a cutie :)

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