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Spiced Flat Roast Chicken by The Fat Kid Inside – Christmas Recipes

The Frist of many Holiday recipes. Who doesn’t love a quickly executed and delicious Roast Chicken?

Erwan Heussaff

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Erwan Heussaff

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  1. The Fat Kid’s too tense, always seem to be in a hurry. No presentation and
    plating? I can’t barely see what it supposed to look like when it’s cooked.

  2. This would be perfff for Christmas! Thanks Erwan!

  3. The Fat Kid Inside
  4. I tried this on New Year! It was really delecious.. I was curious if the
    flavors work together. . It was good sweet and spicy chicken :)

  5. could you give me a healthy routine please

    (I am having a problem with that)

  6. The knife part was funny ahahh

  7. Genevieve Montaniel

    That looks deli!
    Oh, and Erwan you’re so funny. 

  8. Benchot Aguilar

    thanks! im gonna try your recipe :)) looks and sound yummy!

  9. Maria Crisanta Valdez

    +The Fat Kid Inside don’t forget the mac and cheese i’ve been asking you to
    make your own version. 

  10. knowme Estrada


  11. Hi Erwan! :)) the indian spice you put can I use? Cayene or paprika in
    exchange of it?

  12. Adriel Fortuno

    I like the rustic way of how you cooked the roast chicken. It looks
    appetizing and I bet it taste yummy! 

  13. is that apron out in the market?

  14. How about your version of chicken sopas? 

  15. Chin strap is pretty distracting 

  16. knowme Estrada

    Star wars!!! Goooood.!!!

  17. Maria Crisanta Valdez

    +The Fat Kid Inside thank’s for making the hummus that i’ve been told to
    you nonetheless roasted chicken was looking delicious. 

  18. he doesnt even know how to peel garlic properly 

  19. Danielle Jaramilla

    I love you sooo much!!!!!!! I sure will try this out for Christmas!!!
    Thanks Erwan!

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