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Spaghetti Jollibee Pinoy Style

I have learned a lot of style cooking spaghetti using different kinds of ways and recipes.But this style is the most favorite of my children .The taste is so yummy and delicious.
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  1. Ask ko lang po. Ano po yung all seasoning granules? thanks po. Please paki sagot po. 

  2. Michael Rey Gavieta

    Yes. Why is it there is milk? Im a fan of jolli spag and it aint got no milk

  3. For those who doesnt like the recipe, please check the title of the video. It's a Filipino style recipe and Filipino likes to add a little sweetness on some recipes. If you want the original spaghetti, you dont need to watch any video. Just simply cook the pasta and sauce it with tomato sauce. That's it. Haisst! Nakikinuod nalang umaangal pa. Dun ka sa barangay magreklamo! Pisti! Hahaha.

  4. compare ko nga to sa italian sauce with fresh basil, oregano, thyme at marjoram tapos lalagyan ko ng condensed milk…

  5. I made this today for my mom… it was great! I added a pack of all-purpose cream, too! Delish! 😀 Thanks for sharing this!

  6. jolibee trada

  7. fucking disgusting filipinos, they think eating spam and spaghetti is fine dining because they suck so much white cock and believe everything america shits out is superior

  8. Robert Holloway

    why not strain the gound beef? All that animal fat oil is bad for you.

  9. Jollibee delicious? are you out of your mind? its sweet and sickly spaghetti, jollibee caters for a low cost so therefor you get low class food, from the chicken to the fries to disgusting burgers, and the worst tasting tomato ketchup in the universe it actually tastes like vinegar! Matter of fact pinoy food in general is terrible, you wont find many foreigners liking it i can assure you that. Pinoy cuisine needs a serious overhaul as does the society there in a whole.

  10. Ground pepper po ba yun? Gusto ko ksing mg luto ngayun 

  11. Sa akin, ground beef at chicken hotdog ang ginagamit ko para kosher.

  12. eryson rodriguez

    @denis franks no one needs your opinion and no one cares

  13. Markuss Empamano

    Ganda po ng pagkaluto Nyo..!!! Thumbs up!

  14. Omg .thats why my spaghetti is not that good..thanks a lot um a try that this weekend.

  15. spag tsaka kanin… mmmm… carbo loading na naman! XD

  16. as in lasang jollibee talaga ma try nga hahha

  17. Eula Montellano

    Sa india paminta wala-_- imposible.. lagi kaya gumagamit paminta mga indiano ah.. ground chix gamitin mo or any ground meat..

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