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Snickers Ice Cream Sandwich Cake Recipe

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This Ice Cream Sandwich cake is starting to become my favorite go to summer dessert. Kids and adults love this stuff!! It’s so easy to make you can remember all of the ingredients and steps the first time you make it. There is no end to the ways you can switch this ice cream sandwich cake up by changing out the toppings and add rushed cookies or candies.

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  1. LOL @ "what had happened was….."

  2. I love your channel best YouTube page ever

  3. The Way You Love Me


    see what had happened was, I may have or may have not ate 4 ice cream sandwiches


  4. Man you are so lucky…. It's like I gotta make this five story cake for my viewers…..

  5. Thanks for posting this, yum!!

  6. YUM!

  7. Looks awesomely delicious gota try it 

  8.  it ws  sooo gud my kids  luvs  it !!! thank u soo much for ur cool receipe:)

  9. Lindsy Torkelson

    I should of never watched this especially with being pregnant.. Haha I totally want to make this now! Yummy!!

  10. Candy Washington

    You got same. More

  11. Candy Washington

    You got same. More

  12. Ohh yum!

  13. I love her personality so much!!!! AND… her recipes, of course.  :)

  14. I am definitely going to make this

  15. My mouth is watering! Yummy!

  16. Graciie Loves Michael

    Why do people care if someone else gets diabetes its not your business what other people eat. Im sure she knows that you can't eat like this all the time and stay healthy…but even if she wanted too that's her business. 

  17. Say hello to your new friend, called DIABETES. :D

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