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Shopkins Easy Squeezy Fruit and Veg Stand Playset ★ For Kids Worldwide ★

For Kids Worldwide presents : Shopkins Easy Squeezy Fruit and Veg Stand Playset!

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Why not connect this play set with the Spin Mix Bakery Stand, the Shopkins Supermarket Playset or the Shopkins So Cool Fridge play set in order to build up your very own special Shopkins world?

After all, we all know that when we start shopping, they’re really no stopping! So proceed to build your very own unique Shopkins world with this play set – the Easy Squeezy Fruit & Veg Stand themed play set. Why not allow the Shopkins toy set to glide down the juicer chute – after which you can proceed to weigh them up on the scale? This play set features two unique characters as well as lots of places for displaying and playing.
This play set represents a fruit and vegetable section of a grocery store and it includes two flat-lying trays which can be stacked up and which come in the color of cranberry, a scale, as well as a detachable yellow-colored container which includes a transparent lid. On the other hand, the scale itself has mobile parts which function as a genuine scale. There are also 2 Shopkins characters, with a Veggy stand: these being Coco Nutty (a coconut drink) and Pumpkinella (a pumpkin). Besides, there are two very pretty shopping bags. In addition, there is a small slide (resembling a juicer for oranges) on the side of the set which lets the Shopkins glide right down into a cute little tea cup. There is also a box for preserving veggies.

It is possible to detach the juicer from the fruit stand for independent playing. Also, it can be attached to other Shopkins play sets, as for example the Shopkins Bakery, as there are holes along the sides which snap together faultlessly.

The dimensions of the toy set are the following: the length is 9.8 inches (or 25 cm), the height is 3.2 inches (or 8 cm), and the width is 10.6 inches (or 27 cm). The weight is 1.2 pounds (or half a kilo).

The recommended age for this toy set is from 5 to 15 years of age.


“This play set – the Shopkins Fruit & Veg stand – has for some reason captured the attention and even the imagination of my grandchildren. The set includes a juicer and a cup on the bottom part. Also, there is a hole on the top (which resembles an orange and lemon juicer) and the two little girls really love to drop down the Shopkins characters. Then these characters proceed to glide down in a spiral in order to land in a cup on the bottom which is waiting. One of my grad-daughters claims that she likes this toy set as it looks like a gum ball machine due to the spiraling motion. However, this set will not take real juice.” – Mrs Danny Meringue, Hong Kong

“My 4 and a half year old girl simply adores this toy, even though it doesn’t do much. But the Shopkins characters are quite interesting so I can say that this is a good product for a Shopkins collector.” – Ms Elizabeth B. Chang, San Diego, California, USA

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