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Rose Milk – Quick and easy drink for Kids

Rose milk is super yummy and delicious alternative to your regular summer drinks and very good choice to give it kids in these summer days. So enjoy this yummy recipe.

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Ingredient list
1 1/2 Cup
3 tbsp Rose Syrup
2 tbsp Almonds
2 tbsp Sugar

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  1. Judaline Rangel


  2. Janhavi Thakur

    Good Summer Drink……

  3. Yummy recipe…

  4. Hemavathi Govindharaju

    I really like your expression when you taste the milk with your daughter. Priceless. 

  5. Rajashree Haldankar

    Thank you madhura for simple and lovely recipes

  6. I didn't even know that there was such a thing as rose syrup but now I really want to try this milk. Hope my local international store has it. :)

  7. nyc madhura aunty for teaching the best lesson ..

  8. Neha Chinchanikar

    You are doing a fabulous job madhura. I came to US to study, I am still a student, you have taught me to cook. Thanks you.

  9. Thanks u madhura englis is guud nise retsipee thanx u

  10. Hi Madhura
    Nice to see your mouth watering recipes.. Wanted to share a recipe from my side which was experimented by me and turned out to be a delicious one similar to rose milk and also a very simple to prepare. Would appreciate if you can make a video of behalf. Please mail me if it is okay. 

  11. Chivukula Bhavana


  12. Nice recepie.ur baby doll is so cute .i subscribe ur channel yesterday .both of u look awesome.

  13. You should do some more videos with your daughter like kid friendly meals since so many people have children.have her mix , add ingredients ect

  14. Hi,Madhura
    I like ur rose milk recipe .for children
    Wen u r serving garnish with rose syrup
    Inside d glass(zigzag) n top garnish with almond pista flakes just a suggestion
    U r really sweet

  15. She looks exactly like you Madhura ji :-) Very cute.

  16. Too cute!

  17. Lakshmi Canteen

    Just a suggestion- the video would have come out better if you had involved your daughter too. She was just standing idle with nothing to do. Instead you could have told her to add the ingredients to the blender jar. It would be more fun to watch too. 

  18. I have rose water and red colour. Can I use them instead of rose syrup ?

  19. Stella Abraham

    Love ur recipes madhura..!!…..ur daughter is soooo cute…bye..have a nice day..!!!

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