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Recipes for Kids: How to Make Pistachio Pesto Pasta for Children – Weelicious

Pistachio Pesto Recipe:http://bit.ly/Pistachio-Pesto-Pasta While it might sound a bit fancy or gourmet, I think it’s one of the most kid-friendly foods out there. Here is a great recipe using some ingredients that are probably just lying around your kitchen. How good is this pasta? Did your kids eat it up? Post your comments below.

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  1. Looks delicious

  2. Lavanya Patala

    Is the spinach blanched? Are the pistachios and garlic roasted or are they
    raw ?

  3. NaturallyAlive

    so adorable :) love your videos!!!

  4. Philip Margolis

    and chicken!!!

  5. Awww thank you so much!

  6. If it has a sour taste your ingredients were probably expired :(

  7. my favorite p word is chicken too we have so much in common!

  8. if we store the pesto in ice cube format, do we have to reheat when we use
    it or just leave it to defrost first or just throw to the hot pasta will do?

  9. The spinach is raw, the pistachios are roasted and salted, the garlic is
    raw! There is a link in the description to the written recipe!

  10. Sweet! I’m so glad you like them!

  11. deepti motawat

    Thanks ! My 1 yr old finally ate something !!

  12. You can let it defrost in the fridge or put it in a small saucepan to
    defrost it quickly! Then mix it into the pasta!

  13. ThePeacefulArtist

    Three Amazing P Words, Pistachio Pesto Pasta! I So Agree!

  14. thank you thank you…. i just brought some fresh parm and had some
    leftover spinach from another recipe and was thinking what can i make for
    my meals next week…. I’ll be using almonds though because that’s what I
    have :) so excited! I love your youtube channel by the way. I don’t have
    children but your recipes still apply

  15. The intro made me giggle đŸ˜€

  16. Yeah!

  17. Thank you all! These comments are so sweet! :)

  18. Your son kills me in all these videos! He’s so cute! Every time I look at
    him he’s eating something. So cute!

  19. haha aww thanks!

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