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Recipes for Kids: How to Make Chicken Fajitas for Children – Weelicious

Chicken Fajitas Recipe: http://bit.ly/Chicken-Fajitas Nothing cracks me up more than watching the care with which my kids take in building their perfect fajitas. With this recipe you can have that same fun at home. What goes into your perfect fajita? Post your comments below.

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  1. fashionandbeauty0611

    How many kids do you have?

  2. Hi I’m not a mom yet but when I am I will totally do your recipes 😀 (I’m
    11) :)

  3. This was so easy to follow and healthy! I love to see kids eat veggies!
    They learn healthy eating habits from their parents :)

  4. Katya Malayeva

    cool. do i have to add the peppers? i hate peppers so i dont want to add
    them to the recipe

  5. Any foods your children dislike? It’s amazing to watch all the different
    things they will eat…. I’m trying to do this with the kids.

  6. Totally make them for yourself and your family!

  7. Hey can we make vegetables fajitas. If so can you post that video pls .

  8. They do have some dislikes, of course. I have offered them such a huge
    variety since birth that they’ve gotten used to trying new things! Just
    keep trying, you’ll get there!

  9. Yeah! Thank you!

  10. Are making your own fajitas seasoning? If so, can you give me the recipe?

  11. Great idea for those that like a little heat! :)

  12. You can leave them out!

  13. Aww thank you!

  14. Or I will make them for me!!!!! Since they’re really easy :)

  15. Simple and good I would add some hot sauce too I like a bit kick!

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