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Recipes for Children: How to Make Pecan Pie with Kids – Weelicious

Pecan Pie Recipe:http://bit.ly/Pecan-Pie One of the Best things to make during the holidays is. . . Pecan Pie! In this video, with the help of Kenya and August, we make a delicious Pecan Pie! Pretty simple to make huh? Tell us what you think. Post a comment below.

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  1. Angie Martinez

    awww soo cute and, defiantly trying this out. (^-^)/ Yummy!


    august keeps contaminating the pie…o.0

  3. August is such a cutie, they both are and really good cook

  4. It’s a good thing we’re the only ones eating it!

  5. Wow I never knew that it was so easy to make pecan pie please check out my
    channel cause I know how you make homemade playdough so your kids can know
    how to make the perfect cupcake if you wacth it

  6. You have A LOT of patience! You’re such a great mother(:

  7. You really need a sweetener like rice syrup or corn syrup for this recipe
    as maple syrup or honey would be too thin. You can find rice syrup at any
    health food store :)

  8. You are SO pretty!

  9. Pecan pie is my absolute favorite! I was wondering, could I use honey
    instead of rice syrup? Great parenting techniques btw 😉

  10. I really appreciate that you cook with children. You are very respectful
    with them and please never mind the folks commenting negatively. Keep up
    the wonderful work!

  11. August looks so confused half the time. Haha, cuuute!

  12. I absolutely love my Vitamix!

  13. Thank you so much!

  14. Thanks!

  15. What blender would you recommend for making smoothies

  16. lol! It is definitely an adventure!

  17. Thanks so sweet thank you! :)

  18. Where can you get vitamix’s?

  19. I use a 9-inch pie pan, so I make the crust about 11-12 inches!

  20. Thanks!

  21. How many inches has the crust to be?

  22. nice and fan video!

  23. Aww thank you!

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