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Recipes for Children: How to Make Healthy Pizza for Kids

Healthy Quilt Pizza Recipe: http://bit.ly/Quilt-Pizza Cooking for Children shows you how to make Healthy Pizza that everyone is sure to enjoy. Tired of not getting the exact pizza you want? This quilt pizza ensures you get the toppings you like. What kind of pizzas did your family make? Let us know. Post a comment below.

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  1. khaerani lutfiyyah

    im after makeit it's yummy

  2. omg she is hotttttt!!

  3. Some of my friends are allergic to dairy so that might be a problem

  4. Omit the nuts when making pesto!

  5. The noodel it self is not healthy at all.better boil it in the water first and wash with flowing water and dry

  6. LaMesha Mahoney

    Pesto not good 4 nut allergies

  7. Can u make a healthy protein bar for children please

  8. Let me know how he likes it!

  9. looks really!! good, ill have to try this with my nephew, thank you :)

  10. So colorful too!:)

  11. Ooooohhh I love pesto pizza

  12. Yummy

  13. Mango ice cream

  14. Ohhh that's a good one! I'll have to figure that out!

  15. @jgswife do u know how to make homemade tofu?? If u do know, please make video thank you^^

  16. What a great point!

  17. For any bday party, I would ask for allergies or foods they cant eat bc of religon… Id really hate to leave ppl out of the fun!

  18. If you lay down some pieces of roast red pepper, scallion, etc.. as a border between the pieces the can decorate as they want!

  19. how do you get the kids to stay in their own squares?

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