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Recipes for Children: How to Make Granola Bars for Kids – Weelicious

Granola Bar Recipe: http://bit.ly/Chocolate-Chip-Granola-Bars Cooking for Children shows you how to make granola bars.Why spend a ton of money when you can make them at home. Have fun making them with your kids! Did they have fun making them with you? Let us know. Post a comment below.

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  1. And chocolate is good for… was it preventing heart diseases? I cant
    remember what disease it was… and chocolaate also makes u happy so its
    great for breakfast in my opinion… i know i know, its kinda unhealthy but
    a little is ok…

  2. Olufisola Junaid

    Recipes for Children: How to Make Granola Bars for Kids – Weelicious:

  3. Victoria Cotter

    I was looking for a granola bar recipe so I made these just now and I fell
    in love with them there kind of addictive 

  4. How can I make this recipe this vegan?

  5. I loved granola bars they are the best 

  6. Key to avoid crumbly bars is make sure you pack mixture really REALLY well
    before baking (Smash it)! 

  7. Dayzee Martinez

    good stuff but u spoil that little girl to much

  8. FYI take lid off of Honey first so it pours easily!

  9. Can u please start putting a list of the ingredients in the down bar 

  10. Robert Pickett

    You have amazing talent with children. It’s really admirable. And the
    recipe looks great, too! I’ll do this on the weekend with my nephews.

  11. U gained a subscriber 

  12. I made these and they taste amazing but they are really crumbly for some

  13. this recipe has become like a part of our family! I have done it so many
    times I cant even remember :) Instead of putting only whole weat flour I
    put about 2 tbsp. milled linseed, and I also put some applesauce in it :)

  14. Madison Marino

    love your baby !

  15. were do u guys live (the state) thank you

  16. You are a great mom!!!!!

  17. “Mommy stop doing it” lol 

  18. She is so cute 

  19. Nature Valley Granola Bars

    This granola bar must be the most delicious one.

  20. sadielouguesswho

    could you use cookie cutters to cut it?

  21. Tamara Alvarez

    AW! She said chicken (‘:

  22. sooooo weelicious unfortunately I didn’t get my share, you have a sweet boy

  23. Daisy Oldershaw

    chloe is so cute!

  24. Always have the best recipes people should try the apple pp&j mmmmmmm

  25. Stefan Batrinache


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