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Recipe for Sopa de Carne Beef Soup

Recipe for Sopa de Carne     Beef Soup

Welcome to my channel .I am a very happily married mommy of 8 wonderful, healthy kids.We are expecting baby # 9 . Life isn’t hectic as everyone thinks .8 kids, yup a breeze for us .
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  1. 8kidswhoscounting

    thank u sweetie

  2. I so love your recipe videos :) :) xxx

  3. looks delicious!

  4. 8kidswhoscounting

    Thank u i love Mexican foid wish i knew how to make more than tacos

  5. I've been loving the cooking food! Especially mexican food!

  6. 8kidswhoscounting

    Mason is my only reallllly picky eater he wont even try new things its really hard .

  7. yum!! are your kids picky eaters? or do thwy eat anything you pretty much give them???

  8. MandieHeartsLife

    I love making soup so I'll be trying this!

  9. looks awesome!!!!!!

  10. A good hearty meal! Nice to see a home cooked meal. I'm not a good cook, but I'm going to try do cook more from scratch!

  11. Yummy!!! I love adding rice, avocado and lemon to my soup too!!!!

  12. Para los mexicanos sería caldo de res!! Deliciosa receta 😉

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