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Raw Food Recipes For Kids – Chocolate Torte (Best chocolate cake on earth!)

Get our best raw food recipes to enjoy delicious, healthy and easy to make food, but maintain a life outside the kitchen as well!

Here comes the best chocolate cake recipe in the universe. And the best part: Almost Sugar and fat free because it is all raw food!

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Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/Rawfoodfamilylife
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TheRawfoodfamily
Twitter: http://twitter.com/Rawfoodfamily

Get instant access to 5 free, nutrition-packed, easy to make raw food recipes.
Give your kids something healthy to eat and yourself a life outside the kitchen as well!
Download them now at
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  1. http://youtu.be/-TYG7wl_G9s
    Guys made a YouTube video forward it to ur friends and family it will be awesome xxxxx

  2. I like your videos but they never ends like they see on the picture!

  3. aww your kids are adorable , its so nice to see kids enjoying healthy food (:

  4. Haha so lustig wenn man euch versteht!;D ihr seid so natürlich. Finde ich toll!:)

  5. Your kids are so cute

  6. Auch wenn ich euch alle miteinander ganz süße finde, hab ich mal ne Frage bzgl. des Kakaopulvers… Ich frage mich grade, wie das rohköstlich sein soll, denn meines Wissens nach ist das immer geröstet oÄ.
    Bitte versteht mich nicht falsch, ich bin nur neugierig.

  7. You filled me with love and your kids are so gorgeous! Thank you for the feeling of warmth and an amazing recipe x

  8. What cookbook is that? :)

  9. Süüüße Kinder <3

  10. BeauTiful family & Delicious recipes. DanKe 4 sharing! ;b

  11. Waw your kids are too happy. XDD

  12. Fantastic ideals and family. Cheers!

  13. Oh my goodness, I love your family! :) This looks delicious, too.

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  15. My heart bubbles over with happiness and so much love just watching your beautiful family with the radiant smiles…happy birthday ka …cake is wow..ty for sharing!

  16. Ka I love your family and the cake too! I will try it!

  17. Chibi Sakura Shin

    I love the way you are with your children,and they are beautiful by the way. Thank you for putting up these raw food tutorials I am considering becoming raw myself again thanks to you and your family I can learn how to get started.

  18. ART TV by Fantasvale

    Hi Ka I love your vids, I'd like to go raw but…I'm concern about how much it would cost…could you talk about it in a video please? Danke!!! ^_^

  19. Yummy! Your kids are adorable!

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