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Pork Carnitas Recipe – Crispy Slow-Roasted Spiced Pork Recipe

Learn how to make Pork Carnitas Recipe! Go to http://foodwishes.blogspot.com/2014/10/crispy-pork-carnitas-these-little-meats.html for more information, and many, many more recipe videos. I hope you enjoy this easy Crispy Slow-Roasted Spiced Pork Recipe!

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  1. People that can’t eat pork, there are NO substitutes, so use it anyway.

  2. Chef John, I love all of your recipes and also love alternate versions of
    classics….but carnitas are kind of holy. No olive oil, no orange peel

    Pork shoulder seared on all sides in boiling lard, then slow cooked with
    onions, garlic, jalapeno, sea salt and black pepper for 5-6 hours.
    preferably in a big copper cauldron with a fire under it stoked with chair
    legs on a street corner. Pulled apart and served with double corn
    tortillas, pico de gallo and cilantro. Done.

  3. Pork tacos in heaven? I don’t know man. God seems to kind of have a thing
    against pork.

    That’s why I practice Baconism. There aren’t very many rules. And there’s
    no heaven. Or health insurance exemptions. But the pork chops served on
    Thursday nights are fucking amazing.

  4. Can i do the cooking process in a slow cooker? If so how long? Thanks!

  5. Cinnamon crunch

    ….where is the cayenne pepper? I REFUSE TO MAKE ANYTHING ON THIS CHANNEL

  6. Anyone else see the irony in using kosher salt on

  7. you take small bites lol

  8. DAHLicious Wafflez

    As a college student, I cry when I watch these videos because all I can
    afford are instant cup noodles ._.

  9. Chef, it’s 1:14 AM, and you made me starving!!! But thank you for sharing
    this amazing delicious looking meal!

  10. just made these with chunks of beef which were tough, similar seasoning, no
    ahh delicious

  11. this is not a mexican dish!!! it is cuban!

  12. In addition to the ingredients here, I suggest adding a can of coke and
    half a can of beer while brazing. The coke will contribute to the sweat and
    sticky texture and the beer is only an excuse to drink the other half of
    the can. 

  13. Why is pork shoulder also called pork butt? That’s two opposite ends of
    the pig!

  14. I gotta say, the seasonings on this are gross. My advice: skip all of the
    orange stuff, the cinnamon, and especially the 5-spice. It would be much
    better with salt and pepper alone and easier to cook. Chili powder and
    cumin would be ok too.

    But seriously this stank up my whole place. The cilantro and lime are a

  15. That’s grio or tassos if u like goat. Any Haitians out there

  16. why do you upload so late chef john?! I always get hungry before bed

  17. I couldn’t watch this all the way through because of the TERRIBLE annoying
    voice! It beats ANY annoying voice I’ve ever heard. That sing-song
    upper-inflection at the end of each sentence. God, I couldn’t bear to be in
    the same room. 

  18. that’s grillot. this is haitian grillot, just call it that.

  19. We cook it a bit different with different spices nd we let marinate over
    night nd fry it the next day we eat with green or sweet fried plantains on
    the side with salad etc 

  20. Heaven IS real. God is real. And he loves you Chef John and everybody else
    :) have a blessed day 

  21. This is legen…wait for it… Dary!! 

  22. first of all… I love chef john and all his videos. He is an amazing chef
    and his videos help me to be a better cook. with that being said…does it
    bug anyone else that he pronounces “salsa” “salza”?

  23. looks great but how many calories is that going to be? I’ve found that
    after my many years of being in the food industry I feel these super high
    fat dishes are low quality dishes. Its easy to get good flavor with a
    billion calories.

  24. Just made this tonight. It rocks! 

  25. Andrew Zehnder

    Just finished my first try at this recipe! So easy and it was absolutely

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