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PIZZA POPS – Kids Recipe

PIZZA POPS - Kids Recipe



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1 pizza crust
1 cup low salt pizza sauce
1 cup basil leaves
1 cup low fat cheese


~ Nicko
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  2. Frances English


  3. you copied hoopla kids recipes and then ur saying copy right lol u need to stop copying people

  4. I remember those when i was walking in school=)

  5. Lots of australian people that cook n YouTube use pita or tortilla bread as a crust

  6. your daughter is beautiful!

  7. Michael Angello

    your daughter is extremely cute

  8. your daughter's cute :))

  9. @meemster786

  10. your daughter is so cute!! XD plus these look delish!!

  11. That's so cute~ x'3 and you're little girl is adorable Nicko. c:

  12. cute, must try now. thanks

  13. Hah ima make those pretend they are for my kids and frigging eat them all before they have a chance to even try one because those pizzas that small = at least 2-3 regular slices. Lol nah ima let them have a few.

  14. this is a wonderful song this is a wonderful video :)

  15. immy thought so :)

  16. thanks :)

  17. Nicko's Kitchen

    haha lol :)

  18. Nicko's Kitchen

    thankyou :)

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