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Pizza Bagel – Snack Recipes for Kids – Weelicious

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Pizza Bagels were one of my favorite snacks as a kid! I so badly wanted to share the memory with my own children, but I didn’t want to give them all the junk in those frozen store-bought variety. Thank goodness they are so easy to make! Watch this video to see just how simple they are!

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Pizza Bagel – Snack Recipes for Kids – Weelicious

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Video by Mike Ervin
Music by Bethany Weber
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Why not some salami or something on top ?

  2. haven’t made pizza bagels in a while but i remember if the bagel wasn’t
    first lightly toasted (pre-toasted) then the sauce soaks into the bagel
    resulting in a soggy texture. but when cooked right they turn into a great
    fresh tasting pizza snack :D

  3. youre telling me we needed a video to see you spread sauce and cheese on a

  4. My future kids will love this!

  5. Jessica Littrell

    I’ll have to make these for the little one I babysit sometime but with some
    more veggies hidden on it. The only thing he wants to eat right now is
    finger foods or tomatoes sometimes I can get him to eat eggs but he doesn’t
    set an eat.

  6. Can we use any bagels +weelious

  7. Prego & watching this just made me have a new craving!!! Must make it
    tomorrow! Lol I’m just hoping its actually good and wont make me vomit. Lol

  8. We do this at home too. It also works great with english muffins. My kids
    especially love these with pizza sauce, cheese, slices of ham and
    pineapple. Tastes awesome :D

  9. Great video! Yum! I will definitely try this out! 

  10. Sounds yummy, thanks!

  11. Diana Cervantes

    I saw you at guys grociess games last night

  12. Love this! Do you think veggie toppings would work as well in 10 minutes,
    or should they be cooked longer?

  13. Thanks this recipe is so quick and easy . Thats why i love it!

  14. Ooh! New camera angles… I like it

  15. Something different about your voice. Are you ok?

  16. I love it!!!

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