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Pepperoni Pizza Recipe

Pepperoni Pizza Recipe

Rebecca Brand shows how to make pepperoni pizza from scratch. Her dough recipe and technique make it super simple for you to make it at home, perfectly crusty on the bottom with that craved crisp crunch.


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  2. Can you make a spinach Alfredo pizza?

  3. ndapanda matheus

    hey Lady did you wash your hands? LOL :)

  4. Carla Veneziano

    Hi Rebecca , you could do Sicilian Arancini made with Spaghetti?

  5. Bláthín O'Driscoll

    Rebecca you have inspired me to do my own cooking YouTube channel thank you so much I have just started

  6. That pizza looks good!

  7. Started making pizzas like this and now I can´t stop! I think I will need to sign up for the gym :P

  8. Jeemiah Jamison

    You done good im going to try to make This

  9. Tour pizza look delicous

  10. you are sooo amazing could you make cinnamon rolls

  11. What ballbarings 

  12. can i make this in my stand mixer with a dough hook?

  13. Blanca Ugarte-Quiroz

    hi rebecca, answers to these questions please. 
    1. Before Mass went to rest, you didnt knead it,  Doesnt need to knead? 
    2. After the dough rest for an hour, you didnt either knead it. Dp you think is better NOt Knead to have a more crispy pizza? grateful for your answers .


  14. who films your episodes?

  15. this was SO GOOD !!!!!!! thankxxxxxxxx

  16. I Want My Dough Too Make It So Doughy And Make It The Dough Thin And Very Good On That :) 

  17. someoneyouknow12

    That looks soooooooooooo effin good!

  18. mimin ame nisa

    i love your videos and recipes



  20. can u explain me why do you call it pepperoni if on the top the only thing that i can see is salame? 

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