Claire and Lucy from Crumbs Food join Body Talk Daily to give you some top tips and recipes for kids and babies. In this video they show you a quick, easy and tasty peas and pasta dish for toddlers.

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  1. I have that exact peter rabbit bowl 😀

  2. julesvictorious

    I tried this pasta for dinner tonight and it was lovely! I love dishes with few ingredients.

  3. Jessica Shield

    I make this for dinner at Uni!

  4. Hungry toddlers? Need a quick dish? Try this Cheesy Peasy pasta recipe from +Crumbs – feed your family in last week's #FoodForKids  

  5. The World Kitchen

    This is a great series, recipes are really useful and look delicious. Thanks for sharing

  6. is it? i don't think so. i think it is a magic ingredient. any one?

  7. Yes, always frozen peas or petit pois.

  8. it's mine from when I was little (lucy). Woe betide the child who breaks it!

  9. Ahmad Afiq Mohd Noor

    Absolutely love this recipe! Quick, easy and just as great for adults!

  10. I had a rabbit bowl like that when I was tiny!

  11. All that black pepper, si it realy a good idea? I usually fry onion, i add pasta and peas after few seconds warm milk. Off the fire chees

  12. Awesome idea. I don't have kids but work in a kindergarten and warm food ideas are always welcome! :) Thank you

  13. Pasta that's ready in five minutes. Really. Surely the answer to all our prayers?

  14. Chloe Woodger Smith

    quick cook pasta is just thinner isnt it??

  15. Are these frozen peas? Looks yummy. I'm going to cook myself some pasta now.

  16. I was hoping to see your toddlers enjoying it at the end!

  17. Cheesy peasy toddler pasta..yummy!! The latest #FoodForKids  video from +Crumbs – feed your family is now live :)

    #childrenrecipes   #pastarecipes  

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