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Pasta Sauce Recipes

Hi everyone, these are some of the pasta sauces I enjoy. My favorite is the chickpea one, so comforting! Each recipe serves 2-4 people, depending on how much pasta you use and how hungry you are. Check out the blogpost for ‘copy-paste’ recipes. Adjust them to your liking! (FYI I usually use whole grain pasta)

I eat a lot of vegan/vegetarian food but I am not strictly vegan/vegetarian (sorry for any confusion)

Post: http://www.lightbycoco.com/2015/05/pasta-sauce-recipes.html

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  1. Saska van Engen

    I also really love pasta! These are some amazing recipes, I'm gonna try some out soon! :)

  2. I just made the carrot & zucchini pasta, it was delish!! My picky husband liked it too. He is allergic to mold, and we read that supposedly canned tomatoes can be a problem for people with that allergy, so I used fresh tomatoes instead, and then just a bit of tomato paste from the tube, and it still worked perfectly. The kitchen also smelled great with the herbs. I'll be adding to our rotation :) Thank you!!

  3. Jennifer Barger

    +LightbyCoco Hello!  I need help.  If you can point me to a video you've made or you know of that would be great, otherwise, if you could give me a few tips I would greatly appreciate it!  I live at home (just graduated high school) and I come from a very, VERY, large family.  Almost as many kids as 19 Kids and Counting.  So, you can imagine there is stuff everywhere.  I have never been really sentimental nor a complete minimalist, but I have always been organized and right now it's just organized clutter and it's driving me CRAZY!  How do you get rid of things?  How?  I feel like I get rid of so much and yet I still have five cardboard boxes full of random stuff hidden in my closet!  The hardest thing for me to get rid of is paper items: notebooks that are full, pieces of paper I write things down on, and also trinkets like little random things that accumulate quickly.  I also have the mind set "Oh, I got this because I needed it once upon a time so I should hold onto it…" you know how it goes.  I just need some advice because I want to get rid of stuff, I truly don't have an attachment to a lot of things right now in my life, but still it's been difficult!  Sorry for the long comment!  Please, anyone who has advice LET ME!!!  I would really appreciate it.  Blessings,


  4. Thanks a lot to you for creating this video.
    I like to eat this kind of  food.
    Can you give me any kind of e-book?
    From here http://www.paleorecipetips.info I get a free e-book

  5. It looks so yammy! Going to try last one!


  6. Aemilius Barriguischqk

    Omg coco these look phenomenal!!! So happy that all ur recipe videos are vegan! Ur a great example that u can have amazing food without hurting animals! Cheers ☺

  7. Emilie Carpenter

    Love they way you made these videos.  I would love to see a video of what all you keep in your car as a minimalist.  Also at one point you mentioned a bug out bag, any chance of a future video on that?

  8. I'll try the Chickpea-Sauce tomorrow :)

  9. thanks for sharing the recipes :D

  10. super!!

  11. Brigitte Noreau

    Wow thank you! Simple, fast and vegan! 😉 Love it!

  12. Great and easy. Ps don't use plastic cooking tools. When heated they expand and give off many toxic chemicals used to make the plastic in the first place. I use all wood even metal spoons ca be crappy.

  13. yum! can't wait to try all of them. I don't think the kids will notice they are vegan!

  14. All of these look amazing, I'll be making ever single one of them soon! Thanks for sharing!

  15. These all look absolutely gorgeous! ! Will definitely be trying them out!! Are you a vegan? :) xx

  16. My mouth was watering as I watched this:) I'm especially excited to try the lentil sauce! 

  17. Jennifer Rivera-Bell (Wubbie)

    Coco all of these look amazing! I am gonna try some of these out this week. I don't know if you are vegan but these are great vegan family recipes.

  18. Thank you for posting vegan recipes!

  19. The Budding Minimalist

    Im definitely going to try these. thanks for the inspiration =)

  20. Wow, these are truly out of the ordinairy recipes! Especially number 2 and 4 are very interesting to me :) I think I would add all the chickpeas from the last recipe and mash some of them with a masher, because my blender isn't that good at letting go of less liquid pastes.

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