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Pasta Recipe – How to Make Veggie Pasta Salad

Watch the video, then get the recipe for Garden Pasta Salad at http://allrecipes.com/recipe/garden-pasta-salad/detail.aspx

See how to easily turn an assortment of fresh vegetables into a tasty, Italian-style pasta salad. It only takes a few minutes!

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  1. Marshalee callaghan

    Really gonna try that now

  2. What was the last thing. Pepperioni? Am I spelling correct

  3. ruined it with the cheese and that gross bottled dressing yuck!

  4. The filming is so good!

  5. Kashyap Yellai

    nice looks colorful and yam

  6. mymusiconline24

    This is a great recipe! If you have a chance stop by my channel to check out my quick easy pasta salad recipe! Thanks : )

  7. Priscilla Navarro

    Finally I found the name of this pasta! now I can make it in peace! thanks for the recipe!

  8. Yummy taste good 

  9. total comedy!

  10. Yay. The old voice over person is back!

  11. Here's a summary: open a bottle of salad dressing

  12. the recipes are always in the about section under the video allrecipes . com /recipe/herbed-chicken-nuggets­/detail .aspx

  13. It's nice, but how about with fresh salsa as dressing. .? Coz it's a salad I think it should go.

  14. U had me at store bought italian dressing! Lol..wth???!!!

  15. frederick marshall


  16. I don't have a picture


  17. I don't have a picture

    Im 112,000 suber

  18. how about making the dressing from scratch?

  19. Looks great and I plan to make it this week. The video says one 16 oz bottle of Italian dressing but the link to the hard copy recipe says two 16 oz bottles. I suppose it is a matter of taste and if someone likes their pasta swimming in dressing or not.

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