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Pasta Cupcakes – Spaghetti Muffins – Great Food Treats for Kids Children

Pasta Cupcakes - Spaghetti Muffins - Great Food Treats for Kids Children

Now i do not know about you but getting my young kids to eat is always a challenge. Apart from sweets, candy, biscuits and chocolate of course, these go down very well all the time. So making these little gems, trick my children into thinking they are eating cake, a special pasta cake, what a wicked father i am.
What i find best is to chop the onions really small, that way they cook down to pretty much nothing and get lost in the mix. A quick pasta sauce is made using a can of tomatoes and ketchup, the ketchup gets rid of that tart taste the tomatoes can have, I also use a little dried basil, other spices and herbs do not really work, the basil is sweet, see im at it again lying and tricking my children. Added to this sauce is a little parmesan and mild cheddar, this gives it a creamy taste and helps bind the final mixture. The pasta, i think spaghetti is best but also try a small macaroni, as long at the pasta is small it will work. So simply add the pasta to the sauce and using a muffing tin add the mixture, top with a little mild cheddar and pop them in the oven. It is all cooked so we are just trying to get the cheese to melt. Let them sit for 5 – 10 mins before you remove them from the tin as they can fall apart while still hot. That is it. Of course you can add a little chicken or and vegetables. I find that if i chop whatever veggies i have up really small they cook down and my kids cannot see them and eat away.
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