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Pan Fried Pizza, Bushwack Cooking Episode 3 by The Fat Kid Inside

Most people won’t attempt making pizza dough at home with an oven, so we decide to do it on a mountain.

For the Sauce:

Fry off 3 cloves of garlic and 1 small red onion with olive oil. One can of whole tomatoes, season with salt, pepper, dried basil or oregano. If you have a little sugar and some vinegar, you can sprinkle some in as well.


200g Self Raising Flour (Bread is better), 30 ml of warm water, 1 tsp of baking powder, 2 tbsp of olive oil, salt and pepper. Knead until it can stretch without tearing too much.

Fry off with some olive oil until brown. Flip, add sauce on top, 1/3 cup of mozzarella some fresh herbs if you find them.

#tryingstuff with Columbia.

What Erwan is wearing:

Jacket: Columbia Reignstopper (Technologies – Omni Tech and Omni Wick)

Bottom: Columbia Silver Ridge Convertible Pants (Technologies – Omni Wick and Omni Shade)

Watch: Columbia II Basekamp

Footwear: Columbia Peakfreak Nomad (Technologies – Omni Tech and Techlite)

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  1. Sarah Rodriguez

    This is sooooo cool. I'm gonna go Buschwak cooking on my kitchen. LOL!

  2. Now i want to go hiking just to cook that lol you're awesome Erwan! you always deliver :D

  3. Mark Dale Ocampo

    I am hoping that i could nail this one! #TryingStuff  @erwanjheussaff

  4. TheVegetarianBaker

    Beautiful cooking location.

  5. Patricia Nadine Mirasol

    Making pizza at the top of a mountain? That sounds unusual but really awesome! Love this idea. :)

  6. Clifort Tabudlong
  7. Mountain dew in the mountains! Haha

  8. cake flour is not the same a self rising flour. either way, both types of flour are a terrible choice for a pizza dough, the gluten content of both are less than 10%, which is why when you tried stretching your dough, it crumbled. bread flour would be ideal but since Pinas, AP flour would work.

  9. That butane can is in Korean!!

  10. Man I'd love to collab with you one day

  11. Love this series! Shows you don't need a fully stocked kitchen to make amazing food!

  12. Beyond South Tyrol

    +The Fat Kid Inside This pizza makes hiking on a mountain even more interesting and exciting! So easy to make with few ingredients. Great recipe!

  13. That's healthy lifestyle right there! Hiking + Good food on top the mountain! 😀 Sunset is your desert!

  14. Nye! Nagdala ka na rin ng mga cooking tools, manual mixer to make the dough hindi mo pa dinala!.. tsk….tsk..tsk….

  15. The Fat Kid Inside

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