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Pack Healthy School Lunches

Pack Healthy School Lunches

It’s important for parents to pack healthy school lunches for their children. See more great MonkeySee food & drink videos here: http://bit.ly/MonkeySeeYouTube To View How-To Videos on Almost Any Subject Visit: http://www.monkeysee.com/

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  1. Who brings a chicken leg to school?!

  2. Sára Alexandra Železná

    Where did you get that lunchbox? Please answer, it's awesome! :)

  3. Your brain is not made up of 60% fat. Or any fat at all really. It's made up of tissues, white matter and grey matter, the brain also contains water and Cerebral Spinal Fluid for lubrication. NOT fat. 

  4. Don't say children are "Fatter than ever" that's rude.

  5. beth ann needs to wash her face n hv some coffee

  6. Crystallian101

    1:18 who drinks juice like that?

  7. Jessica Patterson

    This lady has no room to talk about the kids being fat… she should take her own advise!

  8. Thanks for the great tips. My 5 year-old just started school this month and I am already running out of healthy lunch box ideas. Whenever we can, we eat organic, raw, whole food. Apart from sandwiches, fresh veg and fruits, I sometimes throw in a mixture of organic raw nuts, seeds, goji berries, sea weeds, steamed beans as snacks and add chia seeds into his water bottle. I buy these superfoods from iherb.com at really great price and shipping. iherb offers $10 off purchase over $40 to new customers who use discount coupon code EJE156. Great buy I'd say. My son is used to eating these healthy food so such healthy lunch/snack ideas are always welcomed. Thanks again 😀 

  9. Your fat

  10. She said at the end visit makeysee.caa

  11. Lauren Popovski

    Ass hole I know that those are the facts that children are fat but still now nobody wants to watch this video

  12. because she should be drinking water

  13. It would be a shame for you not to lose weight when these people accomplish it so easily using Skinnimaker Diet (search for it on google).

  14. Yea that was weird!

  15. LOL!

  16. Has the woman presenting this video has a lobotomy? Note the glazed over look in the eyes, the monotonous tone and the lack of hand gestures which should be natural …

  17. twerkersdo theyworkers

    i would be scared if someone ate this at school

  18. wantyouback347

    Omg who's gonna drink tht coke u pured can I have ur

  19. tommygirl20247

    it was empty probabloy, she was "acting" like she was drinking it lol

  20. LMAO!! Who drinks juice like that????

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