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Nutella hot chocolate : Kids Recipe

Nutella hot chocolate : Kids Recipe

Rebecca Brand shows how to make Nutella hot chocolate. The Nutella with melted chcoolate tastes extra rich with that special hazelnut flavor. Nutella, made from hazelnuts adds extra protein making this a great breakfast drink for kids. On cold evenings, this Nutella Chocolate drink with warm milk will warm you up. Rebecca’s technique in making this shows you how to make nutella based hot drinks fast and efficiently. This tastes like a special hot chocolate, but with a subtle hint of hazelnut.I have to admit I love Nutella. I can eat it by the spoonful. So Nutella flavored hot chocolate gives your nutella cravings another path to go on! This recipe is super.


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  1. İrem Esra Yıldız

    Nutella Super super super super Thank you 

  2. i am a big fan of hot chocolate thank’s I have a big family I need to feed
    them they love it really hazel nut

  3. Im trying this now

  4. SophiaQueen Brighton

    oh you’re literally such a good cook Rebecca, and the thing I love the most
    about you is that you’re cooking is so quick and easy! Lots of kisses from

  5. ill make that on my birthday XD

  6. that was good I like it .

  7. john golden havenDoesMC


  8. I love your channel!

  9. Omg this is sooo good! Im literally drinking it right now but i added a
    little spoon of sugar beacuse I like it to be really sweet :D

  10. Magicvioletcrystal

    Haha big mug!

  11. I have a recipe coming out with that! Love that you mentioned that!

  12. 132435Sarah132435

    Awesome video as usual Rebecca! Love your channel and recipes!!!

  13. Yes, I like that!! Much like a whpped cream foat.

  14. Nutella Hot Chocolate is DELICIOUS! One has to make it and drink it, to
    know that it makes you feel like you are in heaven!! HAPPY COOKING!

  15. That looks wonderful Rebecca. Taste bud heaven. Thanks

  16. Your english is great! I was just in France! I love your country!

  17. Thank you Clint!! I make myself laugh. ha. :)) Big smiles!

  18. Araceli Cabrera

    @JonaVicis in Spanish, it actually IS pronounced like that. The cacao. So
    she’s right. C:

  19. Thank you !!

  20. That’s a good idea! thank you!

  21. Hey zmj619, Thanks for the feedback! Really appreciate it! Happy Cooking!

  22. This is the first video I have seen of yours so far and I’m subscribing!
    Looks amazing!! <3

  23. Alexander Olafsson

    it tastes great

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