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Mulberry Pie “Howto make mulberry pie.” Recipe

All the ingredients are at the last part of the video or just watch the entire video and write it down as you go.

I have made this a tradition with my kids for the last 14 years and I hope that they keep it and pass it on to their kids for generations to come. One rule that I have made is “If you don’t go out and harvest the mulberries with me, you don’t get no piece of the pie!”

It’s lots of fun to show the kids how to go out and Identify, harvest wild berries, bring them home and make something that is very delightful to consume.

If you use this recipe and feel that you need to tweak it in any way for a better taste, please do and let me know how it turned out because I’ll sure and try it your way.
Enjoy this video and get back with me on some thoughts that you may have.

Thanks for watching!
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  1. LilyAlice Hearte

    we've had a wild mulberry tree in our back yard in the house I grew up in. I always wanted to bake something with them but I didn't know what to do with the stems. thanks so much!!

  2. I love this!!!! the taste of bacon must have went well with the sweetness…. good job! 

  3. Eating the the one i made. Love it have 3 mulberry trees in my yard thanks great recipe wont be letting the birds get them all now. Thank you much.

  4. Thank you for putting this out. We just moved to a house almost 2 years ago and discovered the previous owner planted mulberry trees all over the edges of the back yard, about 10 in all! Obviously, we had a good sized crop of the last year. I didn't know what to do with them all except invite over friends, their kids and grandkids to pick and eat. The net has lots of mulberry wine recipes, but I don't drink wine. Then I got a recipe from my pastor's wife for a cobbler and now I found this. This year's crop looks to be even bigger so your recipe will definitely come in handy. I mean, one can eat only so much cobbler, gotta have some variety. 

  5. I made your pie today and it's DELICIOUS!!! 
    Great recipe. We've had this fabulous Mulberry tree for years and just ate them off the tree, with cereal, yogurt, what ever. I've canned and made pies with my other but never with the Mulberries. Guess I'll have to try jam next.

    Anyway, love your pie recipe. Glad I found you on line. BTW—where are you located? We live in Palo Alto, CA. 

  6. Thanks for the great video. We have a huge Persian Mulberry tree. We prune it back every winter and it explodes every spring. So far I haven't cooked them at all. My husband just loves to eat them right off the tree, but this year, with so many, I just had to look up some recipes. Came upon your video and this is it. Mulberry pie on the menu. 

  7. thethangswedo1

    I'm glad you liked the recipe please feel free to pass it on when you get a chance. Thanks for watching the video.

  8. This Recipe was the best! We enjoyed the pie so much.

  9. thethangswedo1

    The big berries make a great treat and those are the ones I try and use in the pie. This pie idea started a long time ago after taking the kids out and picking mulberries and we brought back so many of them we didnt know what to do with them. I remember the first few pies we made turned out kinda runny. lol It took all these years to finally master it and let me tell ya…this pie is so good! Hey thanks for watching the video.

  10. thethangswedo1

    I got to make a few more for the freezer and try and save one for thanksgiving dinner. Thanks for watching

  11. Well I cant say I've ever had a mulberry pie but after watching this video I think we gonna try one! Thumbs up!

  12. Looks really good . I love mulberries . The nearest tree I could use has huge plump ones . Thats one rare pie you got !

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