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Mix Veg Paratha Recipe | Healthy Easy Breakfast/Lunch Dinner recipe | Kids lunch box/Tiffin recipe

Healthy veg breakfast recipe,kids tiffin box/lunch recipe, Indian lunch/dinner recipe,Visit http://foodsandflavorsbyshilpi.com to learn more about Mix Vegetable Paratha Recipe Indian Vegetarian Recipes, Indian Snack Recipes. Restaurant and Dhaba Style Recipes, Kids tiffin box recipes and main course recipes for Lunch and Dinner.
mixed veg Recipe ,healthy paratha recipe,Indian flatbread recipes, vegetable paratha recipe,kids breakfast Recipes, Indian lunch dinner recipe, Indian bread recipe:This healthy Vegetable Paratha Recipe is Specially for Diabetes, Cholesterol and Protein. Chapati,Phulki, Phulka, Chappati, Poli, Rotli, Roti,Parantha or Indian flat bread, call it by any name. But in Indian cuisine it is one of the most important ingredient of everyday meal. Adding vegetables makes it even more tasty, nutritious and healthy. Enjoy these soft and delicious green Paratha. How to make this quick,easy and simple Indian Recipe (see detailed recipe below):

Broccoli: 1 cup,
Tofu:1/2 cup,
Chopped spinach: 2 cups,
Carom seeds: 1tsp,
Chopped spring onions(hara pyaj): 1/2 cup,
Wheat flour (atta): 2 cup,
Wheat flour (atta) for dusting

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  1. Excellent recipe, Thanks

  2. Thank you so much Shilpi…..
    I enjoyed watching your videos on Samosa bites and the vegetable paratha……..I will try this- Latha, CA

  3. shilpi agarwal

    You can keep this Paratha for kids lunch box.

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  4. Foods and Flavors

    Enjoy these Paratha with Paneer Masala. Here is link to the recipe:
    Paneer Masala Recipe – Resturant Style Recipe Video – Indian Vegetarian Recipes by Shilpi 

  5. Foods and Flavors

    You can keep this Paratha for kids lunch box.

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  6. Good recipe

  7. Foods and Flavors

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