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Mini Pizzas Recipe ! Pizza Bites Recipe ! – Great for kids and parties !

My mini pizzas recipe !

this is an OLD recipe from 2012 from the archives.

These little pizza bites are great for kids, and for parties ! Try them soon, and let us know how they turned out ! “pizza bagel” style.

I used my homemade yeast pizza dough in this recipe, made in my KitchenAid stand mixer. This is a no-fail pizza dough recipe, I hope you try it soon :-)

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How To Make Pizza Sauce ! – It’s Easy !

How To Make Pizza Dough Recipe ( Second Version )

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  1. Elsi Tollefsen

    What is the temperature that you have used to bake those mini pizza?

  2. These look amazing. I have some store bought pizza dough in my fridge and was going to freeze it. Will be making lots of these tomorrow. Yum!! :)

  3. Chris Falkowski

    Oh no, this video was quiet at the end too. I miss hearing you talk all the way through. Careful, that assistant of yours may be after your job. Thanks for the great videos.

  4. Anna Liezl Nanez

    Wow I will surely make this.thank u for sharing..God bless you

  5. Mmmmm yummy

  6. Selena Vazquez

    Love Your Videos!! Keep It Up :D

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