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Mini Chocolate Birthday Cake Recipe !

Mini Chocolate Birthday Cake Recipe – I’ll show you how to make a mini chocolate Birthday cake with some simple ingredients. I’ll use two Wilton baking pans which are only 4 inches in diameter. Simple and very fun to make ! So… follow along :-)

Bake for 25 minutes.

This chocolate cake has a chocolate ganache middle, and also a chocolate ganache topping, then some Wilton chocolate buttercream frosting to finish it off.

Wilton Chocolate Buttercream recipe link:

Video link at the end of this video for mobile users:
Easy Chocolate Ganche Recipe:

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  1. if I wanted to make it vainilla, do I just skip the cocoa or do I have to alter something else?

  2. Pls answer coz I will bake tomorrow I don't know what recipe will I bake

  3. Is this recipe more tastier than the other birthday cake recipe? pls answer I'm confused


  5. I love this recipe!! may i use any kind of oil?

  6. KongsterCHAN Kongster

    Hi, if I wanna make a 7 inch cake, What are the measurements that I should use? thanks:)

  7. Great recipe :) may i use cooking paper to cover my cake mold instead of flour and sprays?

  8. Hi noted that we can use self-raising flour, just need to exclude baking powder. May I know how much self raising flour to use? just stick to your recipe of 8 tbsp of flour? 

  9. Juliana Sumando

    Can i use brown sugar instead of white sugar?

  10. can i use muffin pans instead of those tins?

  11. I made this mini chocolate cake and it was made perfectly as you told! Thank you so much! I really like all your receipes and m gonna try the mud cake too! Keep posting :)

  12. Have you done a mini vanilla cake yet? Could u plz do one :) PLZ!

  13. It worked! Definately try it!

  14. Could you please do something such as: vanilla cake, or something made with fondant or rainbow cake! please :)

  15. BeautyisVanessasary

    Does it matter which flour you use because I have self-raising flour

  16. At target , today I got the pans they came in a 3 pan set and it was springform for 8 bucks

  17. Jessica Jenessa

    Hey can i add like strawberry puree and leave out the cocoa? So i'll taste like strawberry cake instead of cocoa
    Please reply ASAP thanks.

  18. if i want to make vanilla cake but with this recipe, can i just remove the cocoa powder? should i add something like add more flour? please reply because i am going to make this for my friend next week! (ps she has a chocolate allergy so…)

  19. +ie lee thank you :-)

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