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Mexican Horchata Recipe | Tommi Miers

Tommi Miers – co-founder of www.wahaca.com – arrives on Drinks Tube with her recipe for the perfect Horchata, a refreshing, sweet, dairy-free, Mexican drink made from rice with flavours of cinnamon and almonds. Please note – this recipe is not suitable for children under the age of five as rice milk has been shown to contain traces of arsenic.

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  1. this is not authentic Mexican horchata. I believe it is the spanish that use almonds in their horchata. Growing up in Mexico I never saw anyone use almonds, lime yes, but never almonds 

  2. ElGringo Ingles

    This is also amazing if you substitute the water for coconut milk!

  3. Dallas Nachtigall

    Unsafe for children under five to consume? Or for them to make the recipe? 

  4. That´s not the mexican way to make Horchata, we made it very different, and what's up with the spanish background? you always put spanish music instead of mariachi or mexican banda…

  5. Danny McCubbin

    Lovely to see you on +Jamie Oliver's Drinks Tube Thommi :) x

  6. anything else to replace the cinnamon?

  7. Horchata is Valencian. Spanish, not mexican.

  8. Jose Luis Arenas Cortes

    It's MUCH better and sweet the spanish horchata of Valencia! :D

  9. Charming and beautiful host. Will try the recipe for sure.

  10. Oh man. I could pair this horchata with the tacos from Tommi's last video and be in food heaven.

  11. Love it! Roll on summer! :)

  12. too much complication for something super simple. nice twist on the almond accent though not needed. rice with water and cinammon blended and strained into a jar with lots of ice. agave syrup so hipster better piloncillo as sweetener (less fructose).

  13. as mexican i think nobody's here make horchata like that, also doesn't takes hours (literally)

  14. Beautiful Tangled Mess

    This is awesome and it looked so tasty!!!

  15. I've always wanted to make my own horchata. This is fabulous and so are you, Tommi. Thanks!

  16. More tommi

  17. Tommi is such a talent! Plenty more to come from this wonderful lady on both Drinks Tube and Food Tube (AND WE CAN'T WAIT) x

  18. Wtf, horchata is not mexican, it's SPANISH

  19. Vincenzos Plate

    This is on my list. I have to try it 

  20. TheVegetarianBaker

    YUM YUM YUM!!!! I love horchata. :D

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