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MEG | Orange Chicken Recipe

An easy dinner that your kids will love, Orange Chicken is healthy and delicious. Subscribe: http://bit.ly/sub2moms

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– 2 lb chicken tenders
– 2/3 cup orange juice
– 1/3 cup soy sauce
– 2 tbsp brown sugar
– 2 cloves garlic
– 2 tsp chopped ginger

1) Peel garlic and place in pan.

2) Add orange juice, soy sauce, brown sugar and garlic to pan and stir. Add chicken.

3) Cook at 375 for 20-30 minutes

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  1. Aaliyah Wegman-Hussain

    You look almost exactly the same as avery

  2. Matthew Houston

    Can someone please share the measurements of the ingredients? As a new cook, I'm not a good judge yet…

  3. Wow, uncle bear didn't blink once!!!

  4. LITTLE brother. R u sure

  5. Kristi Neubert

    Thank you for the great recipe. Even my picky eater loved it! I'm a new subscriber & love your videos! I would love to see something on how to get your kids to eat their vegetables. My 8 year old loves fruit, but it is slow going to get him to eat the veggies.

  6. You looked so much like Avery when you were younger x

  7. Catherine Roffey

    Wow! Avery looks EXACTLY like you when you were that age! Minus the curly hair.

  8. Jake is so handsome and adorable. Lovely smile, too. :D

  9. k that was adorable !!!! and the recipe looked good to :)

  10. First time I saw Meg as a child I thought it was Avery. So cute.

  11. he is smiling through the whole video… is that normal. lol

  12. Avery looks like Meg when she was little!

  13. WOW Meg. I always thought you were quite tall but your "little brother" towers above you… He looks like a nice brother so much better than mine.

  14. Made this yesterday with my mom. It was great. Love Uncle Bears smile. Thanks!

  15. If I do half of the recipe, how much time do i let it in in the oven? And can I add honey,will it taste better? Someone please answer asap, thank you ^-^

  16. Omg Avery looks so much like you when you were a kid.

  17. Could you share the recipe to your cucumber salad? TIA

  18. hes hot

  19. Stephanie Mikesh

    What kind of rice did you use, and did you season the cucumbers!? making this tonight for the first time :)

  20. Jay Nordell Trudeau

    Should i try this recipe with Chicken legs and thighs?????

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