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Mediterranean halibut fish fillet recipe

When you can find fresh and seasonal ingredients it’s easy to cook: the quality of the ingredients will do the job :-)
Today I found a nice halibut fillet, fresh and wild caught. so inviting that I could not resist. I try to cook fish few times a week for my family (it’s so important for the kids’ diet!!) and I try to find yummy and inviting ways to cook it as my Luca’s picky palate would not be so pleased in front of a delicate steamed sole fish :-)
The Mediterranean halibut recipe I’m sharing with you is a very traditional Italian way to cook fish fillets: with tomatoes, capers, olives and parsley (or basil if you want). I used canned tomatoes (I run out of fresh ones…if you have them, it’s perfect!!) to create a nice and creamy sauce for the fish.
Enjoy! ciao! b

If you would like to check the ingredients’ list, please have a look at

See you next Thursday with another recipe!!!
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  1. Your recipes and techniques are very nicely thought out and executed.  It is unfortunate, though, that you place so much emphasis on catering to children.  I doubt many mothers in Italy let their children be the deciding factor in what they cook.  When I was a child, I either ate what was given to me or I went to bed hungry!  It would be wonderful if you could have a YouTube channel for grownups.  I would certainly subscribe.  But, as long as you are focusing on bland toddler food, I'll pass.  

  2. Hi!
    yes, you can skip the capers. they add an extra acidic punch to the recipe, but they are optional. the recipe without them will have a sweeter taste. Enjoy! b

  3. grazie mille!! sono contenta ti siano piaciuti i pomodori, d'estate sono cosi' comodi. li prepari prima e li mangi quando vuoi belli freschi!
    ciao!! b

  4. sei bravissima e simoaticissima! Oggi mi son fatto i pomodori ripieni :) son stati fantastici!

  5. Hi! thanks!!
    sure, you can use any white fish fillet. I used halibut as I found it fresh and wild caught at the grocery store! Catfish will work, but also tilapia, pollock, grouper, haddock, Pacific cod, rockfish, even swordfish.
    Enjoy!! ciao, b

  6. Hello! It looks delicious! Can we make it with other kinds of fish?

  7. Garden tomatoes! lovely!!! they will give an extra fresh touch to the recipe!!
    have a wonderful wknd, ciao! b

  8. Let me know if you like it!! ciao, b

  9. Gerrard Panahon

    Yum! I'll have to try this!

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