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Making Camp Snow Ice Cream

Lonnie and Connie developed a snow ice cream recipe that is great for camping or an off grid cabin desert. not only delicious but very easy to make. Great project for dad and/or mom and kids……or the kid in all of us. Enjoy

Recipe follows below


Hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

1 c. water
1/3 c. powdered milk
1/2 small box favorite instant pudding or 4 level Tbs
1/4 c. sugar

Add all dry ingredients to a 1 gallon Ziplock bag and store until ready to use.

When ready to use, add 1 cup water, seal bag and agitate until thoroughly mixed.

Add snow a bit at a time until desired consistency is achieved.

Serve and enjoy

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  1. Now, that's what I call a snow cone! Great job, Lonnie! :)

  2. this is great thanks

  3. Slowfood Survivalist

    Thanks! Must try that with an apple pie before the season ends.

  4. Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell Foskey

    Cool way to make ICE CREAM … awesome vid brother from AK.. take care MITCH FROM GA

  5. Great Video.  my son really really enjoyed this

  6. Now I want some snow ice cream!
    Thanks Lonnie and Connie!
    Good video!

  7. dont try yellow ice cream, Snow has a high % of  aluminum n traces or all kinds of radiation n thats just naming a few

  8. Well I've had maple syrup taffy on snow but never snowcream. Great idea guys! The kid in me says I have to try it now & by now I mean right now outside my cabin door after I post this. :-)

  9. Have a houseful of kids this weekend with wifes friends coming up from Cincinnati for a winter visit to the "Great North" of NY state…ha ha.. I'll try to remember to get the pudding and send you a pic/vid of our rendition of Far North Bushcraft Ice Cream if I do!! By the way I agree, Pistachio really is the way to go!!

  10. Hows that for timing I only get to see this video after I get back from Finland & I didn't  bring any snow back with me, oh well something to put on the todo list for next year then. Thanks Lonnie.

  11. Great recipe Lonnie I'll pick up some pudding mix and try it soon. Hey you told me to let you know when I made it back up here in AK so we could meet. I'm in Soldotna now so let's see if we can have a camp out soon.

  12. Hang on! I'm getting my spoon and bowl. I'll be there any minute.
    Love it! Never thought of using pudding mix with it.
    Now…if it will ever snow this winter in N.C. USA. THEY SAY THE HIGH IN TWO DAYS WILL BE 68. In February!

  13. Moss Stone Woodlore

    What an awesome idea. I always seem to end up learning something new on your channel. You have some amazing original ideas and tips. Keep up the great work! -Lochlainn

  14. TheRealAnarchrox

    I wish it was cold here. About the best I could hope for is sheet metal cooking a steak with the heat. Although, that does sound like an idea.

  15. coydog bushcraft and survival

    another great vid buddy keep it up

  16. Gardening With Puppies

    What a great idea. I will definitely be trying this.

  17. How can anyone thumb down this video?!? Some people…

    Awesome vid Lonnie and that beard is totally you!

  18. Oh my friend!  Some of my fondest memories from childhood are my parents making snow ice cream.  Of course we were probably eating plenty of Oklahoma City pollution, but it tasted good to me…lol!  Enjoyed this very much!!!

  19. Robert Milligan

    Great. We will try this in the Summer with the kids !

  20. Kenneth Davenport

    Oh, man.  That was awesome.  Thanks for sharing that.

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