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Make layered drinks for Fourth of July!

I hope you guys enjoyed this super quick tutorial! Thumbs up for more! :)
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  1. Leanna Sulakhyan

    Thumbs up if your watching this in 2015?!

  2. League Of Gamez


  3. Cool

  4. Hey Bethany Mota how much is your house


  6. I know how to make this drink and i watched this video like 20 times before but i still watch it over and over again because i <3 bethany!!!!!

  7. Guadalupe Morales

    Dear beth

  8. am i the only person this didn't work for?

  9. I'm having a Bethany marathon. :)

  10. Isabella Escobar

    I miss this Bethany

  11. Is that your house tell me were is that

  12. She always say to her tutorials that it is ADDICTING..

  13. That looks so good

  14. my birthday is on 4th of july 

  15. Kazandra Torres

    PLEASE UPDATE with more BETH BAKES VIDEOS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Veronica Avalos

    Thumbs up if ur watching this in2015

  17. I've had these before but Popsicle version… looks off into space with watery eyes Summer… T-T

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