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Leftover Pork Recipe ‘Spiced Pork Noodles’ with Nick Coffer

Busy dad of two and food lover Nick Coffer shows us what he does with his leftover roast pork, transforming it (with a bit of help from the kids) into a delicious spiced pork noodle dish.

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  1. Watch food lover Nick (with a bit of help from the kids) cook up his
    delicious spiced pork noodles recipe using #leftover pork from his Sunday

  2. Awesome video, love to see the kids being a part of the cooking process,
    its fun and gets them engaged as well as helping them get used to cooking
    at a young age which will not only help them as they grow up but help them
    to enjoy cooking which can make such a difference!

    I really like the way the video was done as well, it doesn’t seem like
    some majorly setup video with all hired actors playing roles, it just seems
    like a normal family doing a normal family dinner which makes it really hit
    home and seem realistic.

  3. Looks tasty and fast!

  4. The video is very good, what is wrong is the carving of the meat. The
    carving fork should not pierce the joint, just press on the joint to hold
    it firm. Every time you pierce the joint you allow juices to flow out of
    the joint making any leftovers dry. I do know what I am talking about,
    having run catering units for the last thirty years!!.

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