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Learn Vegetable Train – learning for kids

Kids train. Train for kids. Learning vegetables names like a rhyme i.e. easy & simple with fun in english just as nursery rhymes and song for children. making learning fun. Learning vegetables with vegetable train like our number train, fruit train, alphabet train, colors train, shapes train, wild animal train, sea animal train, bird train, flower train, farm animal train, numbers 1-100 train. Identify vegetables train. fun learning with trains. learn yummy fruits and vegetables for children. Learning vegetables train is the train with vegetables tomato potato cabbage pepper carrot turnip onion bottle gourd cucumber cauliflower in train for kids to learn vegetables. shawn the train and alice. we have shape shapes, color colors, number numbers, alphabet alphabets, months of the year, days of the week, fruit fruits, animal animals, wild animal animals, sea animal animals, bird birds, flower flowers, farm animal animals learning train.
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  1. Nice photos of the vegetables!

  2. learn vegetable train

  3. what's wrong with her voice?? she seems to be under drugs

  4. Jason Weishaupt

    Sounds like the Chinglish Train.

  5. Katarina-Viorel Deme

    creepy,esp. the beginning, and what kind of accent is that?

  6. Good……nice one

  7. wahahahahaha kwolifloower

  8. More like a freak… Go away

  9. just friend !…

  10. Who are you?? And why are you lucky?

  11. so cute ………

  12. have great fun……..

  13. i am lucky to have ur comment

  14. you look so nice.

  15. HAHA U COMMENTED? yea im scared to poop….


  17. nice

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