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La Llorona Drink Recipe – TheFNDC.com

http://www.thefndc.com/la-llorona-drink-recipe/ La Llorona is a traditional story in Hisplanic culture, told around Dia de los Muertos. Our drink contains tequila, blue curacao, fresh lemon and lime, orange bitters, and lime Jarritos. This drink was suggested by our viewer Erica Vela, right outta the 916.

The Legend of the Weeping Woman, or La Llorona, started about 500 years ago. Many people feel it has its roots in history (Ferdinand Cortes and his mistress). The traditional story: A village girl named Maria is the most beautiful girl in her village, but she wants not just any scrub from her village, she wants a wealthy muthafukka who is handsome and has it going on. Eventually she meets a wealthy ranchero, the son of a prestigious rancher with inheritance in his future. This cat is a steady rollin’ kind of man. He likes the lonesome prairie, and he’s a rambler. He does marry Maria, and has two kids, but eventually, his heart calls him back to the ranchero life. He spends longer and longer amounts of time out on the plains. When he does come home, he dotes on the children, but ignores Maria.

She’s getting fed up with this guy’s bullsh*t. Turns out his parents don’t even know he’s married to her, and they want him to marry someone from his social stratus, a lady with aristocracy behind her name.

So, next time her husband is rolling through town, she sees him with some other B*TCH riding next to him on his carriage. Maria is PISSED. She grabs her two children and drowns them in the river. When she finally comes to her senses, she realizes what she’s done, and commits suicide by drowning herself in the same river.

When Maria goes to heaven, the guardian of the pearly gates asks her where her children are. They’re on to her game up there. She is banished back to Earth; she cannot enter heaven without her kids.

La Llorona is said to appear near rivers or bodies of water, looking for children she can abduct, so that she may enter heaven. This story is seen as sort of a cautionary tale not only for kids to stay close to home and not wander off, but also to young women who look to be gold-diggers, because in the end they get played out.

Muddle :
2 oz tequila
Half a lime
Half a lemon
0.5 oz blue curacao
Dash orange bitters
Top with Jarritos limon soda
Lime wedge
Lemon wedge

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Happy Drinking~!

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  1. Daniel Gonzalez

    I maid this drink. It was sour but good.

  2. Yo Diablo are you spanish?

  3. You pronounced la llorona wrong but it ok we understood, this drink looks so good though!!! Have to try this☺️

  4. No problem! You know me, ha :)

  5. Cool. Tastes pretty good too. :)

  6. and ur so very welcome:) anytime

  7. no you totally got it right exactly what happen:) i showed my mom..she said that. awsome

  8. Did I get the story right? There seem to be slightly different versions of it out there.

  9. All in a day's work. Thank you, Erica. :)

  10. and ur very welcome:)

  11. no way u did it thats awsome omg thats so cool..now i gotta tell my family members:) thanks sooo much for doing this i appreciate it happy halloween.omg gracias..im the biggest fan ever

  12. You're welcome, de nada, Bernard.

  13. De nada, Knight Ale.

  14. Excelente senior Diablo.

  15. Bernard Gonzalez

    Mucha gracia

  16. Así que te gustó eso, ¿eh? Gracias por su atención, Adrian.

  17. jajajajajajajajaj truco sorpresa

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