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Kids Special Chocolate Coffee Cup Cakes Recipe

Chocolate Coffee Cup Cake recipe. Kids favorite for the chocolate and coffee flavour, these cup cakes are very easy to prepare and quick too!
We introduce a few little champs in this video. Besides the recipe they make fun and the time spent to create the recipe and video was very much enjoyed by them. When kids enjoy, you can guarantee the outcome will be the best of the lot. See these kids enjoy themselves besides cooking fun in the safe and vigilant environment of their parents.


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  1. Shristi Srivastava

    Kids Special Chocolate Coffee Cup Cakes Recipe: http://youtu.be/R-xB-PN8-0M

  2. Sanjay Shrivastava

    Fulon ne Amrit kaa jaam bheja hai.
    Taro ne gagan se salam bheja hai.
    Har khushi Badhai ho Aapko,
    sachhe Dil se ye paigam bheja hai,

  3. Sanjay Shrivastava

    very nice 

  4. chocolate coffee cup cake; #kidsrecipe by kids for #kids
    #cupcake #chcolatecake #coffeecupcake #recipe #desserts

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