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Kids Pasta-Indian Style

www.indiafoodrecipes.in demonstrates how to make pasta for kids and this is healthy meal for kids

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  2. It is very easy…Thank You

  3. Anuradha Chatterjee

    Good recipe.

  4. me like
    i tray its so goooooood dam god 

  5. Dasun Madhushanka

    Woow. That’s easy,I like this way to cook and try Thank you.

  6. Star plus In background :-)

  7. pagal aurat jab english bolna sikh le

  8. Thank you very much for sharing your lovely recipe. This was a cooking
    lesson not and English lesson. I followed your recipe very well. Thank you
    and bless you for sharing from Scotland

  9. Susmita Kharel

    That look yummy can’t wait to try this recipe

  10. nice..am going try no.

  11. dear rashil raj, alishah09 and fake id theresemartin31, your advise was not
    at all needed, why don’t you all take some classes for Etiquettes. if u
    don’t like this recipe leave it and learn some manners. please stop
    insulting others.

  12. Y R u adding Green Chillies in Kids Pasta Any ways Good Job

  13. please change your english accent

  14. antonia erison

    You can get 5 healthy dinner ideas here: PALEODIET.WEB44.NET she had
    mentioned about her strong abs with this 7 food items.

  15. What can i out instead of rekota cheese ?

  16. U didn’t put any salt in it…Is it not needed?

  17. LOL “let us see next video” “olie oil” “let us see how to cook” LMAO! What
    was so indian about it?

  18. aveena Kotangle

    a great dish to try…

  19. Jayesh Prakash

    good one

  20. Criticizing someone for their accent is really bad she is doing a good job
    by helping others so guys appreciate that

  21. the lady can do her thing,so u people with the negativity keep it to uself

  22. Thanks Dear ..Well done for Indian Kids…Food

  23. cheese it self cover salt…. so no need for salt…..

  24. theresemartin31

    why dont you start some English classes?

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